Doubloon Database Contest [CLOSED]

Doubloons interested me since the Test Realm in which they were released. I was that guy wasting time collecting a million just to see what they were and check them out. That interest soon grew into a fascination from which the Doubloon Database here at Swordroll's Blog was released.

Most sites use a number of staff members any rely on submissions to create and maintain databases, which is great, but also makes it even more impressive when sites with only a few staff members, or none at all, create and maintain one. I'll brag for just a moment on the database. Bear with me.

Ooh, Shiny!

Since its release, the Doubloon Database has grown by over 20%. There are hundreds of pages. Few sites actually took an interest in doubloons, and so it was only natural that someone create a resource for viewing them. What I feel is most unique about the database is its abilities to sort. You can start asking yourself questions:

"What doubloons would I find if I searched with this class?"

"What doubloons could I get if I look in this world?"
"What's the best version of this doubloon look like?"
"What doubloons can I get on free-to-play characters?"
"What exactly does that doubloon do?"
"What do these symbols mean?"
"How do I find and open chests to get doubloons?"
"Why are doubloons important and how do I use them?"
"Can I use doubloons in special battles like the Stormzilla?"

And as you ask these questions, you can use the database to answer them. And my hope, then, is that your own fascination with doubloons grows like mine. They're a very powerful tool that can truly turn the tide of a battle, and will certainly be essential when ranked PvP comes. But enough about the database... I know why you're here, after all!

Doubloon Submission Contest

This contest is simple: take a look at your doubloons and check for ones we don't have. You can do it any way that's easiest for you. Look at the doubloon level, the type, the name, or whatever you want, and navigate to your doubloon through one of the available sorting options. If it's not there, it means I'm missing it. I've only have six doubloons submitted ever.

I still need plenty, so send them in! But wait, this isn't just for Pirate101 players! Wizard101 players might be interested in competing for 10,000 crowns as well, but they might not have a Pirate101 account. That's alright, you're not out of the running. Simply stop by and start up a pirate. It's easy and it's free. Play the tutorial and start looking around Skull Island and maybe bring a friend.

But Swordroll, then I have no chance of winning! Not true at all! In fact, all of my friends and I tend to hunt chests in the highest-level areas, so the earlier you're looking in the game, the more likely you are to find a doubloon I don't have. And it's quite simple to get Skull Island doubloons. If you play with a friend in battles, you'd be surprised how many times you see chests show up. It's entirely risk-free and gives you a shot at 10,000 crowns at no cost to you... and it might even be fun!

Contest Details

1. Submit your doubloon images.

To submit a doubloon image, go to the database with the sub-navigation bar. There's a big "Submit" button on the right that you can use to send your images from the game directly to me. Please don't crop or edit your screenshots, as my template for them works best with the full images. If you are concerned with the date and time on the image for whatever reason, you are welcome to rename the picture. 

2. Include your information.

PLEASE leave you community name and email accurately and as asked on the form. Your email is not stored or shared with anyone, it is only used to send you your prize if you win, and your community name (NO real names, please) so that you can receive credit on the guide. If you are under the age of 13, please ask your parent or guardian's permission before submitting.

3. Watch the leaderboard.

This contest will be centered around the contest page here. You need to stay updated with it. The leaderboard will be updated as often as possible, but at the least, every five days. There is also a running list of submitted doubloons. Those doubloons may not necessarily be on the database, but if they were already submitted, you will not receive credit for them. Note that while a Health Doubloon may have been submitted, you still get credit for submitting a Health Doubloon with a different value. This is to prevent creation of multiple emails and submission of the same doubloons for more prizes.

The leaderboard has moved to the contests page! Check it out HERE.

4. Win the prizes!

This contest will officially run from 7/20 to 8/20, and will close the night of August 20th at 11:59 PM CST. Doubloons submitted after that will still be added to the database, but will not count for the contest. The prizes are as follows:

Grand Prize - 10,000 Crowns (1 winner)
Awarded to the person who submits the most doubloons in the contests time frame

Random Entry Draw - 1,000 Crowns (1 winner)
Awarded to a random participant, with each person receiving one entry per doubloon submitted

Random Participant Draw - 1 Pack (3 winners)
Awarded from either game to three participants, with each person receiving one entry

5. See your work benefit others.

With all the options to sort and doubloons available here, you'll be able to see the database grow and not only make use of it, but engage others and allow them to make use of it as well. I use it all the time. It's a great resource for all your questions regarding doubloons.

A Thanks to Readers

I just wanted to extend a personal thank you to those readers who stick with Swordroll's Blog. It is amazing how it has grown and I hope it continues to grow. It can become a way for me to share my ideas and create my idealistic "informed and all-knowing community." I hope that you learn something new or gain a new perspective here, and, as the oh-so-true cliché goes, it wouldn't be at all possible if not for you all.

Thanks in advance for your submissions, and thanks for reading - see you in the Spiral!

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