Pirate101 Update

Now that I've hit level 50 in Pirate101, gear farming has begun! Let me tell you, Pirate101 is a lot different than Wizard101. In Pirate, certain major bosses can actually share No Auction, level 45+ drops, while still having items unique to them. And that's how most bosses work. Thank Avery for that, too, because a change of scenery can be absolutely necessary when farming.

Since I've hit level 50, I've been checking out the PvP community, and taking up some of the major PvPers as friends and mentors. No matter who I'm battling, I'm always learning something new, but I'll admit that it's always fun when the student becomes the teacher! Haha!

What I love about Pirate101 is that we don't know everything yet. These are beautiful days for Pirate101 - we see basic drop patterns and go in search of other, undiscovered items. Everyone is still trying to understand all of the powers, and I'd bet money that you can't name all of the epic abilities (No, really, try it out in the comments. I might have a prize for anyone who gets them all.).

Pirate101 still has a sense of mystery to it, and I like that. Chapter 13 is a war story, and probably deals with the one that we started - Marleybone vs. Valencia. That update is planned to be big, introducing eight new dialogue-involved companions, and many beyond that. Some of our classic companions will find some new promotions, and some of the lesser-known companions will as well.

The stormgate to Marleybone actually requires the same windstone as the two stormgates to Aquila, so this update really could be BIG. Hopefully, this all arrives in time to keep us shrouded in mystery.

Until then, I'll be up to my usual gear farming, and PvP, looking to add some of the following talents to my selection.

The first is probably the most interesting, and unless you're extremely up-to-date, you probably haven't seen it. See, I'm a Musketeer, so this kind of power is very valuable for my arsenal  not to say that other classes wouldn't benefit as well. Right now, I have a single 3x and 4x trap, and a 2x scatter trap (in an "x" shape). This would, then, match my most powerful trap, and be five of what the single is. These little guys can critical for upwards of 1200 damage, so they're nothing to shake a sword at.

The problem is that this ability comes from Captain Blood's Jacket. It doesn't take two hours to do the instance at level 50, but it is lengthy.

The second is Rain of Mortarshells, which I've really been thinking about lately. I want to further involve traps in my strategy, and so I thought I'd go for Buck's Brim (what is it with these long-instance bosses and Musketeer clothing?). It gives eight damage, plus this card, so I'd have three bomb spells in total. Fortunately, I've trimmed Buck's one-and-a-half hour dungeon down to twenty minutes.

The third is Revive - who doesn't love healing spells? And what better to finish a battle off with than full health. There are three pieces of gear - all of the accessories - that give this for Musketeers. They're all level 45, so I'll be in late MooShu areas for these. (Rest assured, among all of these non-PvP locations, I'll be hatching some player versus player ideas...)

The final is Valor's Armor, which may be one of the best powers in-game. It blocks five hits, and you can't wait it out, it lasts until you've been hit five times. This also comes on three pieces of equipment, so I'll be farming for it in Cool Ranch as well.

In between farming, I've been helping out a couple of friends, playing some PvP matches, and contemplating the future of Pirate101.

Be sure to stick around for more information and updates on my character! Thanks for reading, and see you in the Spiral! Credits: Thanks to Cret92 for allowing me to use his photo of the Blood Flames power.


  1. Epic Abilities:
    Blade Storm
    Burst Fire
    Cheap shot
    Coward's Bane
    Double Tap
    First Strike
    Improved Mojo Blast
    Jobu's Ruse
    Mojo Echo
    Mojo Rising
    Parting shot
    Quick Adjust
    Quick Draw
    Readies Spell
    Repel Borders
    Return Fire
    Second Chance
    True Grit
    Vengeance strike
    Witch Hunter
    Hold the Line

  2. Wait, how do you know so much about what Chapter 13 will hold?

  3. Blind Mew, who writes the Pirate101 story, has shared a lot of this information with us, and we can further make inferences from that info.

  4. Did KI change the damage of the Blood Flames ability? I've recently got Blood's Jacket with Blood Flames and when I used it, the flames only did 50 damage at a time. Are they supposed to only do that much? Kind of disappointing considering all of the time I spent getting the jacket.

    1. Really? Interesting. They used to be 4x damage, and activate only once. I'd be disappointed if they changed!

      Can you upload a picture to somewhere like Tinypic.com and post the link here? I'd be interested to see.

  5. Here is a pic of the flame card just to make sure:


    Here is a pic of the flames doing only 50 damage:


    Also, the enemies do not/cannot walk onto the flames, only next to them. At the end of their turn each flame once again does 50 more damage to each enemy that's next to it.

    1. Here's my assessment. Not for sure, but this is my guess: They used to be able to be walked on, doing 4x damage. Now they're permanent traps (check for timers?) that do 50 damage when someone is next to them.

      Hmm... this robe used to be my number one farming priority, now I'll have to think about it.

    2. I'll check to see if there is a timer for the fire traps. I still am hoping this is a bug, I mean, if KI were to change its effect you'd think they would change the card description or have put it in the latest update notes. I will be sending KI a message also just to make sure. The change is a real shame though, I went after the jacket after reading how powerful you described the flames were at the time.


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