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Some of the possible new items: the Aquarium, Cuckoo
Clock, Bird Bath, Chicken Coop, Red Brick Wallpaper, Tiles
 (Name Unknown), and Gold Wyvern
After the Dragon's Hoard, a lot of wizards are probably burnt out on crowns and certainly fresh out of the motivation to try for some new mount from the Wyvern's Hoard. I personally haven't spent a fortune on either, so I was ready to answer the question "What's the Wyvern Hoarding?"

Looking at some of the possible items on the guide, this pack struck me as interesting, and I wanted to try it out. I went out, set my crown limit, and began buying a few packs. What I found was good and bad.

First, there were those occasional packs where I'd only get plants and general trees and bushes for my house. But quite often, I'd get something interesting. The pack offers some new and really appealing wallpapers and tiles. Next, you can obtain crafted and crown items. For example, the round of cheese and the teleporters, which I actually got several of. Then I came across the most exciting yet - the Aquarium! While this would normally be time consuming to craft, one just popped right up in my Wyvern's Hoard. In addition to these, I obtained a Cuckoo Clock, and had the chance at a Bamboo Fountain. It didn't stop at preexisting items, however. I was introduced to the Bird Bath, Chicken Coop (I love this one!), Bamboo Grove, Bird Cage (I did not, however, receive this item) and several others!
The Bamboo Grove
To my delight, there were surprisingly few treasure cards and reagents. Continuing on, my eyes became focused on my new mount: The Golden Wyvern! It is really quite large, somewhat larger than the Bone Dragon, and probably the largest mount in the game. The thing I like about the Wyvern is that it is an interesting creature that you can incorporate into the design of your house that isn't awkward like wings or a broom. It is one of the few real "creature mounts," other than the Bone Dragon, and some of the other, less interesting mounts. Thinking of incorporating mounts, I figured that now the underwater mounts such as the Seahorse, Fish, Sea Turtle, Lobster, etc. have a home that they really fit into: the Sunken Palace. Too bad that this house hasn't been released yet. I'm waiting on the Wizard's Watchtower (to which I hope they add a secret bookcase with one large room for pure decoration) to begin my major housing project.

The Wyvern's Hoard also presented me with some gear. Although I didn't receive any staves, I did receive at least one helmet, body, and boots. Some of the gear is quite interesting - the hat and boots for one set each give around a 20% healing bonus, despite the fact that it is one-way. With this, a 120% healing boost is possible. Although the other bonuses aren't as great, I'm wondering if this will make up for it. Some of the others give energy, and while some give only a little, another set that concentrates on gardening and pet training really gives a lot of energy, making an impressive 118 total energy possible.

You'd probably like to take a look of some of my photos, they illustrate some of the items possible and what each purchase looked like. See the pictures below:

The Portal and other new items/mounts/wallpaper/tiles

The only pack that was truly irritating was the one where the last three cards were small bushes. Other than that, for as few packs as I purchased, the results were quite worthwhile.

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  1. ok what i don't get is that does the pack include equipment, such as hat,robe,shoes and those 7 cards, or is it just the 7 cards?

  2. The pack doesn't include anything but the seven cards, but the gear and such has a chance to be one of those seven.


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