"The Portal" and Wizard101 Central's 3rd Birthday!

Thanks to Paige's Page (see the Links), I was able to play with my new favorite housing item - the portal!

The portal comes in many different colors, each requiring a few different ingredients, some of which are treasure cards - usually level 48 spell cards. This will likely put these cards in high demand, and get more people crafting - the portals aren't "tradeable," so you'll have to either use them only on one wizard, or get out those crafting stations!

Figure 1 - Selecting a destination
The portal is quite incredible! I crafted one on the test realm (where they are only available at the moment) to test them out. I popped on into my Sunken Palace to try out the portal, and before placing it, you must select the teleport destination (See Figure 1) - although you can have as many portals as you like, they're one-way. You can use the comma to rotate the direction you'll be facing when you teleport to this destination.
After you've selected your destination, you can place the portal (See Figure 2 (I feel like a textbook)) just about anywhere you like. As far as placing your destination and the portal, anywhere you can place items in an acceptable area. As you can see, the destination I selected is not normally accessible, but with my portal, it is!

Figure 2 - Unloading the portal and its supplies
As you can see, the portal and destination are in place, so all that's left to do is teleport! When you get near the portal, you'll be teleported to the destination. In my case, I've now reached my previously inaccessible area.

After ending up on the ledge, I faced a bit of a problem. There was no way off of the ledge, other than leaving my house and re-entering, which was too time-consuming. I wasn't out of tricks, yet however. I picked up my nearby portal and placed the destination somewhere that I could move freely and escape the ledge (See Figure 3).

You know, portals don't just have the potential to explore new areas of your house, you can also now have various parts to your house. That's right, they can transport you from house to house. I placed my portal outside my Palace, but my destination lies elsewhere.

Figure 3 - Escaping the ledge

I've actually decided to take a walk on the stone creature's hand coming up out of the whirlpool in my Wizard's Watchtower (See Figure 4). With this ability, you can connect three houses in one, and allows people to pass between them with out a bunch of teleporting involved... well at least not to you, anyway. With additional castle space elixirs, you can have even more houses connected to one another. As you can see, these portal can be really fun.

One of my ideas involved purchasing two of the same house and creating different realms or time frames within the two houses, and connecting them with the portal. I considered buying two of the Wizard's Watchtower (with gold, mind you) and decorate one the way I'd like mine, and the other in a previous time frame.

Figure 4 - This looks slippery
When showing the house, I'll warn those who dare to venture into the portal - "Playing with time can be fun, just remember that I haven't the slightest idea when exactly you'll be returning to, and at that point, I may not have invented the portal yet, thus leaving you stuck there."

With these portals, I see real potential and popularity in houses, including alternate realms, portal mazes, etc. I can't wait to further test the portal an its abilities!

And with that it's time to celebrate - It's Wizard101 Central's 3rd Birthday!


Just wishing Central a happy birthday! You know, they do it differently. On their birthday, YOU get the gifts! That's right, in honor of Wizard101 Central's birthday, they're giving away a variety of items, houses, bundles, and more, all on top of the House-A-Palooza contests!

For all of the details on all of the competitions, visit THIS link to see the contests, and Happy Birthday again to Wizard101 Central!

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