"10 Comments On the Update," Wysteria and Portals in Live, Wyvern's Hoard Pack, Save on the Dragon's Hoard, and Crowns Sale

1. Evil spell? Malistaire!!

6. Ok, which one of these goes to the
2. Kingsisle: "The Wyvern's Hoard," our newest form of money-steali... er, enjoyment for young, unaware wizards!

3. The Spiral Cup! Can I drink out of it?

4. HEADMISTRESS? Say, have you ever met a certain Headmaster Ambrose?

5. Tanglewood Way... uh, huh. Where's the "chainsaw" under the housing tab in the crown shop?

6. See Photo

7. Ahh! Rise of the Planet of the Green People! (See Below)

8. Someone dumped a bunch of Dampen Magic cards at the Bazaar? Worried? No, nothing gets as bad as this economy.
9. Pigswick, Hogwarts, Spiral Cup, Triwzard Cup... I smell a lawsuit.

10. I could have sworn that pigs lived in pens...

Ok, enough of my almost-humor. To get right to the point - Wysteria and the Portals are in the live realm. There are FOUR (4) methods of obtaining a portal. Number one, buy a single portal in any color you want in the crown shop for 2500 crown. Two, but a 6-Pack O'Porters which contains six random portals for 9995 crowns. Three, buy the recipe from Celestia and craft them. Number four, you buy a Wyvern's Hoard and hope that you get one. Unfortunately, the portals cannot be traded, so if you want some on all of your characters, make sure you're buying the packs and such from the crown shop on characters who can't craft, and crafting them on ones that can. The release of these recipes will make certain reagents even harder to snag at the Bazaar.

Look out, here's another reason to spend your crowns - the Wyvern's Hoard pack is available now and includes quite the variety of housing items (including portals), three sets of new gear (per so many level tiers), plants, a chance at various colors of Wyvern mounts, pets, and more! Check out the Wyvern's Hoard HERE. In addition to this pack, the Dragon's Hoard is now 50% off (199 crowns)! Buy yours today!

Finally, there's a sale on crowns! Buy 60,000 for $60. (*dramatically* That's 1,000 crowns per dollar! Wow!)

And that concludes this blog post, but don't shut down your computer yet - we're on our way to gaining more readers and viewers and we need YOUR help! Have a spare minute? Post a comment or two. Revisit some of the older, never-before-read-other-than-by-me articles. Invite your friends to become members or followers of the website to keep up on the latest news and adventures. I'm hoping to host a contest soon, and we'll need lots of participants! Thanks for everyone's support and help!

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  1. I remember when I was noob reading your fantastic guides on central. They were helpful and got me threw places. I'm still reading them for my noobs! Thanks, Swordrroll!-Thunderblade


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