20 Signs You're Addicted to Wizard101, and Now You're Playing With Teleporters

Is www.wizard101.com/www.wizard101central.com your homepage? Watch out, that's only the beginning!

1. You ask your friends if they'll loan you some crowns, er... money.

2. You can look at your watch and know exactly how much time is left until your pet hatches and you can hatch again, and exactly how much of your pet energy has restored.

3. You've declined an offer to go out to lunch because there's a sale in the crown shop.

4. You're dreamed of living in Wizard City and talking with Merle Ambrose.

5. You've convinced everyone you know to sign up for Wizard101... you have to get those free crowns somehow!

6. In quiet moments at home or in bed, you find yourself humming the tune to Wizard City's battle music.

7. You challenge yourself to eat an apple in one bite. It might not work at first, but it must be possible, because your Piggle can do it.

8. Game Download? Game cards? Beckett Magazine for the free items? You've got it all.

9. You've told your friend that he or she is more than funny, they're "wysterical."

10. You've demanded that your dog cast Smokescreen on the man that cut you off in traffic!

11. You've told your boss that you were busy saving the Spiral from the evil Malistaire... probably not your best move.

12. You've tried to ride your broom around the garage rather than sweep with it.

13. You insist that you pay extra for the "mystic dragon potato," because you felt sorry for the man selling them - he had no idea how valuable this item is!

14. You've moved your Cuckoo Clock because that's the spot for your new dragon bust.

15. You've dyed your clothing black because it matches your school's colors.

16. You've told your friends that you've got to leave early to craft some furniture for your new apartment...

17. And you have the apartment because you've saving your gold for the Wizard's Watchtower down the street.

18. You play music for the plants in your garden in hopes of warding off pests and helping them grow.

19. You ask McDonald's why sun fruit isn't one of their side options.

20. You visit all of the Wizard101 blogs, including this one, and you've now finished the list, realizing you exhibit many of these symptoms.

Your doctor can't help you now, it's too late, you're too far gone. The only thing to do is to sit down and play some Wizard101 (after you finish this blog post, of course).

This is Wizard101's latest video: Now you're playing with teleporters!

To clarify: one can have this many houses because of the extra house elixirs given with each Mega Bundle. The house you may not recognize is the Wizard's Watchtower, which has yet to be released.

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  1. Fantastic post, Swordroll! I have all those symptoms.-Thunderblade


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