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Wizard101 has some cool housing items that allow you to take rides, but what if you could create your own? The Arcane Express Bundle allows you to use Bread Crumbs to make set your own path for a train ride - and add as many pieces as you want! Check out everything that's new in this train-themed bundle for Wizard101!

Arcane Express Bundle Overview

Wizard101 Peppergrass Glen Bundle

Location Sold: GameStop
Price: $29
- Arcane Train Set
- Lil' Steam Engine Mount
- Chipmunk Conductor Pet
- Arcane Engineer Outfit
- Arcane Whistle Staff
- One-month membership or 5,000 crowns

Arcane Express (With Tutorial!)

The highlight of this bundle is the Arcane Express! You'll get four pieces of the train: the Arcane Train Engine, Arcane Passenger Car, Arcane Tank Car, and Arcane Caboose. You can use Bread Crumbs to create a trail in your house for the train. If you're not familiar with Bread Crumbs or don't have any - they're simple to use. You can purchase a pack of 7 in the Crown Shop for 100 crowns or 500 gold. Check out the video below to see how to use them with your train!

Lil' Steam Engine Mount

The bundle includes a 40% speed mount that matches the Arcane Train Engine exactly. It'll let you zoom around on your own train even outside of your home. 

It's also part of the Arcane Engineer's Set. You can use multiple pieces from this set to achieve bonuses including extra mana and health from wisps and even 15% extra speed. That means that the full set will give you a total 55% speed boost!

Chipmunk Conductor Pet

This adorable pet goes perfectly with your train set! He'll help complete your Arcane Engineer Set bonuses and make the perfect conductor companion!

Arcane Express Attire & Whistle Staff

This gear set is an interesting one - it's entirely energy-based! This time, they didn't try to add on any other stats, it's just great big bonuses for pet training, gardening, fishing, or whatever else you choose to spend your energy on! The outfit looks okay but the staff is very unique. Check out every tier of the gear below!

What do you think of the Arcane Express Bundle?

Thanks for reading and see you in the Spiral!

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