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Wizard101 has a brand new game card out - the Catmandu Sanctuary Bundle. This cat-themed set offers an impressive new house and a variety of other items for any feline-inclined wizards. Take a look at all of the gear tiers, the new house, and more!

Catmandu Sanctuary Overview

Wizard101 Catmandu Sanctuary Bundle

Location Sold: GameStop
Price: $39
- Catmandu Sanctuary
- Zheng Mount
- Lucky Cat Pet
- Sacred Yarn Outfit
- Sacred Yarn Staff
- One-month membership or 5,000 crowns 

Catmandu Sanctuary

This house has one of the more impressive exteriors for bundle houses in a while. Situated throughout towering mountains and various buildings and structures with incredible views. That said, the interiors continue to follow a disappointing trend of being copy-paste layouts interconnected by a central interior location. This house loads as "Novus" so it's possible that the game's next world could have some similar appearances and themes. Take a look!

Here's a video tour of the Catmandu Sanctuary!

Zheng Mount

This lion-like mount has five tails and a single horn. It's a perfect mythical mount for your journeys through the sanctuary and perhaps through Novus! It offers the standard 40% speed boost.

Lucky Cat Pet

A perfect companion for venturing through your new sanctuary, the Lucky Cat is as adorable as it is powerful! Well... maybe more on the adorable side. It's a Myth pet with a starting pedigree of 48.

Sacred Yarn Outfit & Staff

The bundle wouldn't be complete without a matching outfit and wand! The Sacred Yarn set (literally a ball of yarn on a staff - what cat wouldn't love it?) offers decent universal stats including damage and resistance on all pieces! Check out all of the gear tiers below!

Will you be buying the Catmandu Sanctuary Bundle?

Thanks for reading and see you in the Spiral!

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