Diving Headfirst Into a Strange New World

Pirate101's new community manager, Hawkules (a.k.a. Chris), shares his experience so far in the world of Pirate101, as well as his strategy for navigating a new community.

Ah, options.

They dance like lights at a festival.

That is to say, there are thousands of them and staring at one for long enough is sure to leave you blinded.

How does one approach becoming the cheerleader for a game with 10 years of history? A single blunder, done publicly enough, can ruin your reputation with a community quite quickly...


I would like to convey the power of humor to you, dear reader. Not just the act of causing smiles, but the time and effort required to gain that ability for a niche audience. The power that comes with humor is risky, but when done well you can meld into a community faster than any other method.

To generate a laugh for a niche audience, you must first understand them and their subject of choice. There are three steps to successfully being funny.

1. Absorb the material
2. Fail privately
3. Do a Funny™

Absorb the Material

You are now a professional Community Manager. Grab your notebook, pen, and digital editing software. You have notes to write and memes to make.

"But can't I just play the game and absorb the knowledge that way? Why do I need to take notes?"


10 years this game has been out! TEN! Your first run-through needs to be the equivalent of the 8th where you're picking up on patterns and details that take ages to impress on the casual player. You think pro gamers are the ones on stage sweating over who can get the most kills in the popular PVP game of the season? You fool!

There exists another flavor of pro gamer: The Student. Every minor detail, every visual hiccup, every annoying side character: Love it. Love every second. Love is the marked difference between a player and a Community Member. Your jokes will appeal to as many folks as possible, but occasionally dropping a deep cut will prove to those that get it that you GET. IT.

Fail Privately

Congratulations. You have absorbed enough material and written enough notes to not be scoffed at. Identify the die-hards. There are community members so deeply in love with the game that they will take it upon themselves to, and this gift cannot be over appreciated, guide you.

Businesses WISH they could have internal guides with the depth of knowledge these folks have. More than once you will find yourself needing an answer to a game-lore question and find these folks a better source than the developer who wrote the code themself.

Cherish these people.

Now let them laugh at you.

Find a public space where they make the majority of engagement. Make a few references. Make a few terrible memes. Try and fail. Your effort, if it is genuine, will be received like the ole' parents' refrigerator door. Their responses will tell you everything you need. Just listen. Keep trying. Vulnerability is a key factor in interpersonal relationships, and you're trying to build a few thousand of those at a time so go off.

Do a Funny™

Now that your mind is overflowing with notes and your pride is gently bruised, it's time for the full send. Make public jokes. Try a bit of niche humor on a livestream. The ideal community member contributes and evolves to the culture of a game. Now it's your turn.

You are a professional community member.

Lead by example.

Contribute. Create a riptide of love for your work. Others will be overjoyed at the opportunity to jump in and enjoy the ride.

Make 'em laugh. No emotion is more genuine.

Do a Funny™.

Thanks to Chris for sharing his insights!

How do you connect with the Pirate101 community?

Thanks for reading and see you in the Spiral!

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