September 2021 Guest Post Series

It's that time of year! After a year off of with Covid craziness, the September Guest Post Series has returned for its sixth year with another exciting lineup. Check out who will be sharing this year and what you can expect!

The September Guest Post Series invites creators of all types to share their stories and their passions, with the writers of these posts often exploring the world of blogging for the first time. Here's a recap of where we've been and who's written in the past.

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This year brings five new writers who are sharing their experiences and their creativity. Here's what you can look forward to for the remainder of September!

Sophia Shadowriver

Sophia submitted her blog post for a contest in years past. She's sharing her thoughts and theories on the Cabal. Although in introduced in arc three, Sophia discusses their involvement in past story lines and past events, as well as where they might go in the future.

Melissa GhostSinger

Melissa GhostSinger is a veteran Wizard101 player who's been active in the community for years. You might know her from Twitter! She's an Ice wizard who's explored streaming and YouTube, and she's also a mom. In her post, Melissa shares her experiences in Wizard101 and how they've been influenced by her kids.

Daniel SunSword

Daniel SunSword is a long-time community member who's been especially present in the housing scene. Outside of being an active streamer on Twitch, Daniel creates stunning homes that he shares on social media, and now here in a blog post! He'll show off his process and his creations.


AwesomeTheSauce is a popular YouTuber and streamer with nearly 63,000 subscribers. He takes his viewers on an engaging and energetic journey through new content and his game play experience. Now, we're going behind the scenes of his setup and how content creation for Wizard101 has evolved over the years.

Adam Roush

Adam Roush is a well-known artist who community members will recognize from Twitter and from seeing his work in recent game newsletters. Adam is a Concept Artist II at KingsIsle who's responsible for a vast array of in-game items, gear sets, and characters we all know and love.

Stay tuned for these posts throughout the rest of the month!

Thanks for reading and see you in the Spiral!

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