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Sir Greggor and Squire Greggor are the final bosses of the Foetrid Crypt dungeon and the second major cheat fight of the new level 130+ content. Here's a quick rundown of what to expect in the Foetid Crypt and how the beat and young and old versions of this boss!

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Getting Started

The Foetid Crypt is an instance in the Wizard City Catacombs. Not long after gaining access to the Catacombs, you'll need to track down Professor Hargrove during the quest Incan't Take No More. This will lead you to the instance, pictured below on the map! You'll want to bring some friends for the last battle of this dungeon.

Fight #1: General Greyflame

This is where the story starts to really get interesting! Ancient knowledge crystals are projecting people from the past in a retelling of history, but these ghosts aren't the friendliest. This fight will be a step up from the trash monsters in the Abandoned House, but it's easy enough.

General Greyflame  9,350 Health / Fire Rank 17 Elite
Dragonspyre Vanguard  4,620 Health / Balance & Life Rank 16

If 3-4 people are present, two additional Dragonspyre Vanguards will join the battle.

Fight #2: Lorekeeper

The Lorekeeper is no Loremaster (though his minion can cast that spell), but he's still a formidable foe with the ability to cast Earthquake! Stay alert and watch out for stuns and shields and you'll be okay.

Lorekeeper  10,350 Health / Myth Rank 17 Elite
Dragonspyre Crusader  4,835 Health / Ice Rank 16

If 3-4 people are present, two additional Dragonspyre Crusaders will join the battle.

Fight #3: Sir Greggor & Squire Greggor

Here's the big battle you've been waiting for! This is one of the tougher ones, so you'll definitely need to bring some friends along. The nice thing about these instances is that friends can teleport in even if they haven't been following along for the rest of the fights. Read up on the cheats and get ready for a longer fight! Note that it can be helpful to run the dungeon with only one or two people to begin with, then have the others teleport in once you've started the final battle to avoid additional minions in this fight.

Sir Greggor  79,500 Health / Death Rank 18 Boss
Squire Greggor  26,500 Health / Life Rank 18 Boss

If 3-4 people are present, two of the following minion will also join the battle:
Dragonspyre Crusader  3,655 Health / Storm Rank 16

Sir Greggor Cheats:

  • I will weather these attacks, I can't feel them anymore - At the beginning of the battle, Sir Greggor will interrupt to cast a 75% intercept for all allies. He will take 75% of the damage any other minions would normally take.
  • If a trap is placed on anyone except Sir Greggor, he will interrupt with the above line and move it to himself.
  • All things wither, all defenses break - Sir Greggor will periodically interrupt and remove all traps on himself and then add a protected 50% Tower Shield.

Squire Greggor Cheats:

  • Let us race forward to glory! - At the beginning of the battle, Squire Greggor will interrupt to cast a double pip aura and gain double the pips each round.
  • My zeal will not falter! - When Squire Greggor's double pip aura expires after four rounds, he will re-cast it.
  • Your reinforcements won't save you! - Players who are late to the battle will cause Squire Greggor to interrupt and cast Rebirth.
  • You won't leave us yet, old man - Squire Greggor will interrupt to cast Rebirth, which can resurrect Sir Greggor.
  • The future is ours for the taking! - Every fourth round, Squire Greggor will interrupt to cast two universal blades on himself based on the number of pips he has. If Sir Greggor is defeated, he will only cast one blade.
  • You will pay for this! - When Sir Greggor is defeated, Squire Greggor will interrupt to cast a +100% damage aura and Rebirth. 

Congratulations on beating Sir Greggor and Squire Greggor and completing the Foetid Crypt! You've earned the badge "Greggors' Grief." See the Prince Viggor & Viggor's Tomb Guide next!

Have you beaten Sir & Squire Greggor? What'd you think of the fight?

Thanks for reading and see you in the Spiral!

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