Wizard101 Celestian Lore Spells: A Review

Wizard101 Celestian Lore Spells

Long-time readers know that I always review and showcase new spells in the game, but the new ones in the Test Realm are particularly interesting for a few reasons. While we aren't sure exactly where we'll get these new spells, we do get to test them out in the Test Realm and make sure everything is working properly. Let's take a look.

About the Celestian Lore Spells

These spells have yet to be released in any official capacity, but you can get the spellements for them from the Decius Treat Realm vendor in the Commons while logged into the Test Realm. You can use the spellements themselves to acquire the spell via upgrading and then choose the path you so desire to check out the various spell tiers.

The mostly likely place to acquire these spells from would be a pack, although four spells from a pack does seem a bit unusual. They're all themed, though, so a pack does make sense. We wouldn't get only four new spells and not one for each school if they were going to be trained from somewhere.

Balance Spell: Spiritual Tribunal

Wizard101 Celestian Lore SpellsSpiritual Tribunal is a Balance spell that costs 4 pips and does either Life, Death, or Myth damage. It's essentially just a more powerful version of the spell Spirit Blast, but comes with a fun new animation. Three Celestian heads emerge from the sands and spin around among Celestian ruins before one attack the opponent. The damage this spell deals is fairly impressive and at four pips, it could be a convenient one for Balance wizards.

That said, Spectral Blast isn't a hugely popular spell among Balance wizards period, and certainly not at max level. The randomness of the school damage means that you have a chance for your PvE opponent to resist your spell in the case of three out of the seven schools. This video shows all three attacks.

Potential Paths

There are three potential paths for this spell and you'll need to choose the one you want right away. The only thing different about the tiers here is the damage amount for each school and the spread of damage. So for example, in the first path, you're operating within the narrow 545-565 range. This means more consistency. The second path ends in damage ranging from 525-585, meaning less consistency in how much damage you'll do but the potential to do more damage. The final and perhaps least desirable path offers the opportunity for the highest damage, with a range of 525-605. The trade-off is that its second damage value is quite a bit lower, so you'll more consistency do less damage. While I haven't quite figured out what the added chance is on the last tier of the spell, it seems in my testing that you are more likely to roll the higher-damage hits, which tends to be the Myth attack.

Wizard101 Celestian Lore Spells

Death Spell: Ship of Fools

Wizard101 Celestian Lore SpellsShip of Fools is a Death Spell that costs 4 pips and is a great AoE option for Death wizards. This spell is more than just a situational deck inclusion, it's a really great tool for Death wizards in combat. A cheap, even-pip-cost AoE can be invaluable. For Death, I believe this is the first one, and definitely the cheapest. Two pirates try to make their way down the mast and light a cannon. It all goes horribly wrong and results in that mast falling to hit the opponents.

I anticipate this being a pretty popular spell among all Death wizard levels, although whether or not lower-level wizards will benefit much from it depends on where you can get it and how easily the crafting recipe is. This video showcases both the regular attack and the drain-health attack.

Potential Paths

There are two great paths here for this spell. This can become a drain-health spell that does some moderate damage and heals you. Or it can hit a little harder without stealing health. In fact, in this form, Ship of Fools is more powerful than Meteor Strike! It's still an AoE either way despite the difference in symbols. Either one could be a good choice based on your play style.

Wizard101 Celestian Lore Spells

Fire Spell: Nautilus Unleashed

Wizard101 Celestian Lore SpellsNautilus Unleashed is a Fire Spell that costs 5 (or 6) pips. It focuses on dealing damage and stealing blades, but the precise way in which it does those things changes based on the path that you select. Some would say this spell is pretty situational, and at a less convenient cost of 5 pips rather than the 4 that all of the other spells, cost, that could be true. However, I can see a fair number of applications for this spell, from PvP to bosses where removing blades could be handy, to enemies whose blades a Fire wizard might actually be able to use.

The animation for this spell stands out as being particularly spectacular, with a submarine of sorts launching a blast up into space which shatters a meteor and blasts the opponent. This video showcases the spell.

Potential Paths

Nautilus Unleashed has some interesting path options. The damage on this one scales in a very meaningful way and at a quicker pace than any of the other new spells. The base spell steals a blade and then attacks which means that if the caster steals a Fire or universal blade, they'll get to use it for the hit. That's pretty handy! The first path maintains this format until the last tier, when you'll choose to add an extra twenty damage for an extra pip (a very odd choice and probably not one to pick) or to change the spell altogether and do the damage first THEN steal TWO blades. A complete change in direction at the last tier! The alternative is to convert the spell

Wizard101 Celestian Lore Spells

Ice Spell: Celestial Intervention

Wizard101 Celestian Lore SpellsCelestial Intervention is an Ice spell that costs 4 pips. It's a heal for Ice wizards! It sacrifices wards and grants health to the caster. Most people have assumed it's just shields, but as you will see in the video, it also consumes traps. While this may or may not be a bug, that would explain it's more expensive pip cost and would definitely be an added bonus to the spell. This spell also appears to be currently bugged to grant less health for more wards rather than more.

I am not sure how popular this spell will end up being. It can be a little clunky to use given that you have to almost set up for it, but at the same time, if you're with a team using shields for all friends or getting absorbs from Rebirth or having traps placed on you from enemies, this could be something which you simply use naturally with no setup. This video showcases the spell.

Potential Paths

There are two paths for Celestial Intervention - fewer than any of the other spells. They're pretty straightforward - you can either heal more per ward or use up more wards toward healing. It should be noted that the second path offers a maximum potential base heal of 810 while the first path offers a maximum potential base heal of only 600, but the requirements are much easier to meet. While this comes down to personal preference and play style, my inclination would be to go with the first path.

Wizard101 Celestian Lore Spells

What do you think of the new Celestian Lore spells?

Thanks for reading and see you in the Spiral!

Wizard101 Celestian Lore Spells

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