Spring 2020 Test Realm Sneak Peek - New Pet Talents!

The Spring Test Realm is just around the corner for Wizard101 and it's shaping up to be a pretty big one! Based on teasers we've seen already from KyleIceWielder, AwesometheSauce, and Legends of the Spiral, we have some idea of what to expect. Here's one more thing to look forward to - "will cast" pet talents!

Note: The above image is a graphic representation of "will cast" pet talents and not an image of actual in-game material. See below for the teaser content.

"Will Cast" Pet Talents Teaser Video

The focus of this upcoming test realm almost certainly seems to be pets! And one of the new features that will come with the update is new pet talents! These "will cast" talents allow your pet to cast spells in battle, but unlike "may cast" abilities, these are "will cast" abilities with a lot more control. Take a look at this teaser video!

There are a few important observations to make here. These are only speculation based on the video:

  • "Will Cast" abilities seem to appear to the left of regular spell selection and won't likely affect hand size
  • The Happiness cost appears above the ability
  • Your pet's total Happiness is displayed below the spell
  • "Will Cast" abilities happen after you cast your normal spell
  • These abilities will interact with blades, shields, etc.

More About "Will Cast" Pet Talents

It's unclear how pets will acquire "will cast" abilities or if all pets can get them. Will they be manifested talents? Will they be add-ons? We know that a new Happiness stat is being added to pets from previews already released, and that will be a factor in these abilities. Here's a little bit more that we do know for sure:

  • These abilities have a windup - a number of initial rounds before an ability can be used
  • They also have a cooldown - a number of rounds before an ability can be used again
  • Abilities have a number of max activations - how many times they can be used per battle
  • Different ranks of these abilities will cost different amounts of Happiness
  • "Will cast" abilities will still activate if you select them but pass for the round
  • Right now all "will cast" abilities are not able to be used in PvP, but that may change in the future
  • The talents highlighted here are "Combat Talents." There are also "Adventure Talents" that you'll learn about with the release of the Test Realm!

I can't wait to see what else is in store for pets and the rest of the Spring update! Stay tuned for information on the Test Realm and more previews! Thanks to Mathew for providing teaser materials!

What do you think of "will cast" pet abilities?

Thanks for reading and see you in the Spiral!

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