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Wizard101 Fantastic Fairytale Bundle

The Fantastic Fairytale Bundle from Wizard101 is now available (at least as a digital download) from GameStop stores! This fairy tale bundle has a unique house and items that are sure to please fans of the classic stories. Take a look at the mount, gear, and more in this article!

Fantastic Fairytale Bundle Overview

Wizard101 Fantastic Fairytale BundleLocation Sold: GameStop
Cost: $39
- Everafter Village House
- Pumpkin Carriage Mount
- Noble Toad Pet
- Monarch's Gear
- Poison Apple Wand
- One-month membership or 5,000 crowns 

Everafter Village House

The Everafter Village House features settings from a number of different classic fairy tales, including the three little pigs, Rapunzel, and Hansel & Gretel. It's not my favorite house ever, but it certainly fits the theme and has a lot of very different interiors to explore! Take a look at the house in the video tour below!

Pumpkin Carriage Mount

The Pumpkin Carriage Mount from this bundle is one of only a few mounts that can carry four passengers! Like the Christmas Truck, you can see all of the characters inside this one (unlike the Clown Car from the Spooky Carnival Bundle).

Wizard101 Fantastic Fairytale Bundle

Noble Toad Pet

The Noble Toad Pet has an impressive starting pedigree of 72 and provides a Snow Drift card at Baby. It's an Ice pet that wears a crown and makes a perfect companion to the monarch of a new Everafter Village.

Wizard101 Fantastic Fairytale Bundle

Monarch's Attire & Poison Apple Wand

The Monarch Gear set allows wizards to appropriately dress as a prince or princess. It's one of the better-looking gear sets from bundles in my opinion, and the stats aren't too shabby either. Unlike the Aero Plains Bundle gear, this set more closely mimics the current gear stat trend and has balanced boots that are worthy of serious consideration for gear sets (this is a very new thing with bundle gear). The cards provided are not terribly impressive but are enhanced versions of existing spells that specific schools might benefit from.

This is one of the creepier wands we've gotten in a bundle, or from anywhere... and it's not in a Halloween pack! This wand is extremely exciting for several reasons. First, it is one of the earliest wands to start re-introducing critical block with critical rating. That's on top of damage and pip conversion. That's big. Secondly, it has a cool new may-cast called Sleeping Toxin, which is a more powerful version of Poison which also stuns the enemy! This may be one of the best new wands. We'll have to stay tuned.

Here are the stats for the level 130 gear.

Wizard101 Fantastic Fairytale Bundle
Wizard101 Fantastic Fairytale Bundle
Wizard101 Fantastic Fairytale Bundle
Wizard101 Fantastic Fairytale Bundle

If you're curious about the other tiers for both the gear and the wand, check out this video showcasing them all!

One other additional note on the Fantastic Fairytale Bundle is that it is currently costing $39.99 rather than just $39. Also, sales tax seems to be applied now, and KingsIsle will ask for your address for tax purposes when redeeming the card. Right now, the bundle is available as an eCard from GameStop and will likely show up physically at a later date.

Will you be purchasing the new Fantastic Fairytale Bundle?

Thanks for reading and see you in the Spiral!

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