Ten Wizard101 Wishes for 2019

Following the conclusion of the third arc, we can expect the usual quality of life updates in the spring, but we'll also likely see more side content rather than simply a new world. Here are a few things I'd like to see in Wizard101 this year.

1. Astral Mastery Amulets and Increased Spell Selection

Ever since I saw some of the moon shift spells at level 98 (check them out HERE), I thought they were really original and could be quite good... if the pip cost wasn't so high. I absolutely love the combination of utility with damage. Now, with spells like Epic, they'd actually be fairly reasonable to cast and might warrant some additional exploration. However, they'd be much more reasonable if we could use power pips with these spells. When you consider that a 4-pip Moon spell costs the same as an 8-pip school spell, you realize that the Moon spells have never been and probably won't ever be good enough to use by themselves.

It's too bad, because they are some of the only really usable Moon spells. The problem is clear. The solution has been one I've suggested before: a Moon Mastery amulet. And for that matter, why not mastery amulets for all of the astral schools, with increased spell selection to match? Think about it - mastery amulets are so common nowadays, and introducing astral mastery amulets (either for just one of the astral schools or maybe for all three) could seriously change the makeup of decks and play styles. It would force wizards to decide between an amulet with great stats or mastery of another school and this more specific strategy. This would open up a wide range of spells to every school, and if they added more, it'd be even better. Check out some of my astral spell ideas HERE. We've already seen some negative auras used as boss cheats since this post. Why not begin allowing players to use them, too?

2. More Unique Boss Loot and Better Gear Options

For a game that has been a low priority on KingsIsle's totem pole, Pirate101 can teach its predecessor a lot. Unique boss loot is one such lesson. Bosses dropping their items to wear has been a great draw to farm in different places and build a collection. Plus, they could use some unique power cards on these items like a particular cheat that a boss uses. 

I talked intermittently about gear diversity in a post having to do with end-world bosses (check it out HERE), and I'm really hoping that KingsIsle will explore additional gear diversity options this year. That means no more perfect universal sets surrounded by gear no one should be wearing. Make the options and the choices tougher ones that force a wizard to define their play style.

3. New Side World

We've been focused on main content for awhile, and I've not been a huge fan of either of the most recent two major side content ventures. The Four Dungeons weren't bad, though I found some to be overly lengthy and difficult, though not too bad. I didn't feel Wysteria offered enough compelling environments to explore. Grizzleheim and Wintertusk were incredibly well done (especially given that Grizzleheim was either the first or second world to break away from the cookie-cutter street designs) and a lot of fun. There were serious reveals and serious consequences. I want to see that again. I don't mind a mid-level world, either. It doesn't need to be max-level content. I'm looking for a good story and good environment design, with full-scale areas and a world to explore.

4. Khrysalis Fishing

We've now got fishing in Wizard City, Grizzleheim, Krokotopia, Marleybone, Mooshu, Dragonspyre, Celestia, Zafaria, and Azteca. Next up is Khrysalis. I'd like to see fishing continue to expand to future worlds (though I must say, I'm a fan of it not necessarily being released at the same time as the world it's in). We still have all of the third arc to go (imagine fishing in the Aero Plains), but first we need Khrysalis. There are a couple of areas - the Last Wood in particular - that I'll be looking forward to fishing in.

5. More Mid-Range Skeleton Key Bosses/Rooms and Obsidian Keys

KingsIsle has generally kept their availability of Wooden, Stone, and Gold key bosses pretty balanced, but I wouldn't mind them breaking away from that a little bit and filling in some of the mid-range worlds. Bosses like Corporal Tenni'syn are too difficult to really be enjoyable for me, and are less strategy-based than a fight like Omen, which actually involves more health and enemies but it's more of a puzzle and you're not going to die automatically either from being berated with powerful spells or from an insta-kill cheat. Mid-range bosses would mean KingsIsle is forced to be more reasonable.

We have one or more wooden key bosses in Wizard City, Krokotopia, Marleybone, and Mooshu. We could use another wooden key boss in Dragonspyre to round out the first arc worlds. We then also have stone key bosses in Zafaria, Avalon, and Azteca. Round out the second arc for us with a Celestia and Khrysalis boss. Finally, we've got some gold key bosses in all of the third arc worlds, so they're covered. The unique drops (like some of the mounts, boss-themed gear, etc.) on these bosses have been really solid, so I'm hoping that continues and that we get some in worlds that are missing a boss.

I also think that since Pirate101 introduced the skeleton key system with Wooden, Stone, Gold, and now Obsidian Keys, that future high-level Wizard101 bosses should be unlocked with those types of keys. Consistency is nice. Check out some of my other key ideas HERE. KingsIsle should not shy away from simply adding new skeleton key rooms with chests, as long as they're prepared to offer impressive rewards like with previous rooms!

6. New Utility Spells

There was some update between Avalon and I want to say Grizzleheim or Wintertusk in which two new utility spells were offered to each class, and I loved that update. New utility spells, if done well, are far more likely to find their way into decks than new damage spells. If KingsIsle is looking to further balance some PvP issues and provide some interesting new tools for tougher PvE fights, this could be the way to do it. Whether it be a trainer or short new quest, I'd love to see it this year.

7. Crafting Option for Reindeer Knight and Headless Horseman

It has been fairly common to introduce the recipes for dropped spells later on (or in the case of one pack, before the pack, which wasn't a great idea), and I'd like to see that happen with these seasonal spells, too. Dropping from Loremaster was a great start. Headless Horseman in particular has been out for awhile now and it's time to put together some recipes for these spells. Given that the treasure cards are still relatively rare, I think it'd be a suitable challenge for a number of players.

8. More Unique Bundle Houses

One of the things that really sold bundles early on was how enormous and fantastic their houses were. The Epic and Mega bundles started us off on the right foot for sure. To this day, the Dino Bundle house remains one of my favorites. However, some of the more recent bundles have been cutting corners in my opinion. The Polarian Shipwreck didn't seem to have any really unique passageways or different areas outside, and the inside was quite small and simple. I want to be to getting lost in these houses! 

Then more recently, we've had the Mirage Raider's Bundle, which - in terms of land mass - is tiny compared to so many other bundle houses. The house was made up of a series of tents, or rooms that are virtually identical, that connected. Not exactly super original. The same was true of the Aero Plains Bundle, which used existing house models from the world instead of creating something new and then connected them all. When you run around that house, you're thinking "Oh, yet another house," and not "Woah, this new area is awesome!" 

Now the Battlemage Keep and Outlaw's Refuge (more so the treehouse than ground area) did a pretty darn good job. That's the type of thing I'm hoping for from my bundle houses. I'd love some more of that in 2019, please!

9. Secret Bosses/Content

One of the things I wish we had more of in KingsIsle games is secret content. What if, instead of being explicitly lead somewhere by a quest, you could just check different doors and randomly discover a secret boss room? Maybe there'd be a secret area full of rare reagents. I wouldn't mind a quest-related maze or series of rooms with different bosses and other content that were there for the sake of exploration and discovery. I'd love if it passing through a secret, unmarked cave entrance brought you to a secret zone or a scenic overlook. Implementing these could be relatively simple, and letting players discover them over the course of who knows how long would be a lot of fun to watch.

10. Shadow Pip Destruction/Stealing Capabilities

I linked a post earlier on about issues with the Storm Titan fight, and I've noted Corporal Tenni'syn as being one of the less enjoyable skeleton key bosses. What's one thing they have in common? Once they get a certain number of shadow pips, they'll essentially insta-kill the whole team in one hit. That's not very interactive and it's not very fun. Again, one of the reasons the Omen fight is enjoyable is that while it requires a lot more damage and has more enemies than Tenni'syn or the Trident, you're not at a constant risk of dying or running out of time. It's a puzzle to solve and execute.

One thing that could help solve this issue is shadow pip manipulation. We already have the ability to steal and donate regular pips via different spells, and we have some shadow pip manipulation in the form of donating the shadow pips (though at a cost of 2 for 1 when 2 is the max, it's not a great utility spell), so why not stealing or destroying them? I'd like a trainable spell or multiple copies of some spell that destroys or steals shadow pips. I think this has some potentially interesting effects on PvP, so it may or may not be a PvE-only card. I definitely want to see this in 2019, though. Especially if KingsIsle continues to think it's a hardcore game trying to make overly difficult battles.

Bonus: Gold Chests with More Appealing Rewards and a New Minigame

I would like to see the implementation of Gold Chests, and potentially a new minigame. I love playing Shock-a-Lock and Catch-a-Key. With the increasing need for Shocked Keys in crafting, it'd be nice to see more chest options for getting them. I also know that Feedback Friday has asked what we'd like to see featured in such chests. I'd like to see potential gear drops that are unique to the chests, be it cosmetic, or one more powerful option to compete with existing gear. I think the idea of gold chests is a distinct possibility given how it was featured on Feedback Friday. Check out THIS POST from 2017 about other things that have been mentioned. I can already look back and see how many were fulfilled in 2018!

What do you want to see in Wizard101 this year?

Thanks for reading and see you in the Spiral!

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