Wizard101: The Mysterious Eldritch Tower

We've recently seen hints of something new coming to Wizard101, but what exactly is The Eldritch Tower, and where might it be located? Let's take a look at this and other examples of location hinting, and use that to learn more about the Eldritch Tower! As we await any official announcements, I've done a few quick graphics envisioning what a spooky tower might look like.

Origins of The Eldritch Tower

While touring Malorn Mythhunter's house for an upcoming post series and collaboration, I used the Item Identifier to check out where certain items could be located. While browsing, I found quite a few items with a unique location: The Eldritch Tower!

The Eldritch Tower is not a location that current exists in the game as far as we know. "Eldritch" is a term meaning "eerie; weird; spooky." That's a pretty broad category, and could mean the tower might show up in any number of locations. Having just finished a new world arc, it could be part of upcoming side content. However, there's a more likely conclusion we can draw based on past item identification.

Item Identify

If you've followed this site for awhile, you might remember when I previously noted that Item Identify showed us the Grand Tourney Arena, which we could conclude was a housing gauntlet based on the fact that the bosses appeared five times on the list (for each of the five tiers of the gauntlet). 

I think that based on this trend, we can pretty safely conclude that we're not looking at a housing gauntlet. But if you look a little closer, the item identifier tells us more than just that The Eldritch Tower is a new location.

Interactive Items

If you look at the Idem Identifier user interface, you'll see that it notes that you can get this item "by opening the gold chest in" The Eldritch Tower. However, if you take a look at some other items, you'll notice that it uses this same language for other bundle houses, even if they have no gold chest. What it's referring to is the interactive features for daily rewards in houses. This essentially confirms that The Eldritch Tower is the name of a bundle house. I find that really interesting, as it likely means a single tower will be the focus of an entire bundle house.

A Future Bundle

While there's a rare chance that The Eldritch Tower is a housing item from a $29 bundle, that would break a lot of trends. All of the past housing items that provided rewards by transporting you to different zones did not offer any gear or housing items. Furthermore, KingsIsle hasn't been creating these $29 bundles very often or very recently. I don't think they're as popular as the $39 bundles, especially because you can use anyone's daily reward item without having to purchase your own.

More likely, this is part of a new $39 bundle with a house called The Eldritch Tower that includes some sort of daily reward system. We can look at the types of rewards this house offers and guess what type of house it could be. I noticed that a number of the tents and other items (more on those in an upcoming guide) from current houses are "dropped" at The Eldritch Tower. Given that they also come from the Darkmoor Manor and other locations that don't seem particularly tent-themed, I'm not convinced that these are a good indication.

There were some other items, though. I noticed that a lot of the Darkmoor portraits are listing The Eldritch Tower as a source. Items like the Darkmoor Mausoleum Painting, Dragon of Darkmoor Painting, Portrait of Tatyana, and Standing Portrait of Tatyana all list the tower and only the tower for bundle house sources. These are mostly Terror's Hoard Pack items. That suggests to me that this upcoming bundle could be Darkmoor themed. I was a little bit underwhelmed by the Darkmoor Manor, particularly the interior, so this could be a chance for redemption. Otherwise, it could be totally unrelated and just drop these sort of spooky items. Either way, I'm excited to see it!

We don't tend to get bundles at the beginning of the year. In fact, I think the earliest month we've gotten a bundle in recent years is May. That's a pretty big wait, especially when you consider that the last time this happened, there was only a two-month window before the bundle was released (the Grand Tourney Gauntlet), and these items may have been showing The Eldritch Tower for awhile. Hopefully it'll be worth the wait.

What do you think The Eldritch Tower will be?

Thanks for reading and see you in the Spiral!

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