Mysterious Gear Sets Hint at New Content

The Magic Mirror Shop is still fairly new, but it's been around for some time. There's a lot of gear floating around the shop, and some of it isn't yet in the game. Let's take a look at the trend of the gear in the shop, and what is could mean for the unknown items!

What's in the Shop

With the Wizard City graphics update came a new shop with a Magic Mirror granting a long-standing player request to be able to change their character's appearance. Several of the shops now have mirrors and unique design features. The Magic Mirror shop has a number of gear sets, many of which are familiar, but some of which are not.

These are not just flat concept pieces of art, they're actual models of gear. They are set to turn and look at you regardless of where you move (creepy?). This makes the fact that some aren't recognizable even more interesting - why create a gear set model for nothing other than decoration in one shop?

Golden Gear

This is probably one of the more recognizable pieces. The hat we already know about (it's from the Jewel Crafter's Bundle), but the robe is new. Not entirely new. If you PvP much, you'll know that Diego sells a version of this robe with the same sort of patterns, but the leg area in particular is different. This could just be an older version, or maybe it's part of some future Crown Shop variation (which has happened with some other arena gear).

The Pilot

This one is particularly interesting to me. It doesn't initially stand out a lot - it's similar to some pieces we have. Both the Seal Team hat from the Witch's Hoard Pack and the Arcane Builder's Bundle gear have goggles, but they're slightly different. The robe reminds me of something out of Cool Ranch (which was, interestingly, originally going to be a full Wizard101 world). Where could it be from?

This doesn't really match anything or any place we have in-game currently. The mostly likely place to me would be either Marleybone (but it doesn't quite fit) or Empyrea. There are a lot of ships and alternative transportation forms in Empyrea, which makes sense when you consider that it's a melting pot of islands and creatures in a perpetual storm. However, I'm trying to recall if Khrysalis (also released in two parts) introduced any new gear in part 2 that wasn't available in part 1, because we've already got at least four sets or so from Empyrea part 1.

See the Trend?

If you notice, a lot of these gear sets come from particular places. Log on and take a look around the shop. Yes, there are pieces of gear from Dragonspyre, Avalon, and Khrysalis. But most of it is from non-dropped sources. The Vampire Set is featured in a couple of outfits and was a Crown Shop set available during Halloween. But the rest is pack and bundle gear. You can see Cuckoo Clock Gauntlet robe in one set. (Side note: This is Kane's Robe. How wizards got it when pirates still don't have it is beyond me.) The Avalon Outlaw's hat is used, the Skull Rider gear, and so on. 

Yes, there's some world gear. But most of these unknown sets don't seem to match any particular world. There's also some PvP gear. My guess is that these three unknown sets are some future PvP gear, or more likely, part of an upcoming pack or bundle. Let's take a look at one more.

The Detective

Here's one that's really curious. This is a detective set that is clearly reminiscent of Sherlock Bones - same style, same pattern, same color. I don't really see Wizard101 doing many Marleybone updates in the near future, and I can't imagine Sherlock Bones being any sort of Skeleton Key boss dropping his gear. I'd guess this is part of a Marleybone or detective-themed pack or bundle.

An Odd Robe

This was one other robe I was looking at for a little bit. It's one you might not recognize (especially in that lovely color combination of green and purple) because it's fairly new, but it's actually available in the game! It's available from Loligo as crafting recipes for every school (also including one universal version). 

None of the crafted options seem to match the color combo pictured here, so maybe it's a dyed version of one of the robes. I'm unsure if this is also available as a drop in Empyrea part 1, but it could definitely make an appearance in drop tables in part 2. Most crafted gear doesn't have a unique appearance as far as I know.

One thing is for sure - we have a lot to look forward to in the remainder of the year! Besides Empyrea part 2, we're likely in store for more packs and bundles. Could these gear sets be a part of them?

How do you think these gear sets could be used?

Thanks for reading and see you in the Spiral!

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