Friday, May 23, 2014

NEW Wizard101 Arcane Builder's Bundle

With the new Wizard101 Arcane Builder's Bundle, you can build your very own Wizard101 castle using blocks provided! There's not one new card, but three, and they determine which pieces, arrangement, and castle plot you get for your building.

Which House?

There are three cards - each one gives a different plot for you to build on and has the castle blocks arranged differently from the start. Paige Moonshade has some photos of these and an excellent descriptions HERE. The castles provided are very different, so take a good look at each. You can definitely rearrange each castle, though.

The Midday Estate

The first house is the Midday Estate. If you want lots of interior space, the two castles in this house are for you. Here's a video tour of the two castles that come with this set. Keep in mind that you can rearrange your castle, but each set comes with different pieces.

The Meadows at Dusk

The second house is the Meadows at Dusk. This house has a lot of exterior space and some cool walkways and passages. Here's a video tour of the two castles that come with this set. Keep in mind that you can rearrange your castle, but each set comes with different pieces.

The Night Garden

This is the third and final house. The Night Garden is a high tower with limited interior and exterior space, but lots of staircases and ability to build into the sky! The indoor house overlooks the whole plot and the indoor house is also quite unique. Here's a video tour of the two castles that come with this set. Keep in mind that you can rearrange your castle, but each set comes with different pieces.

Arcane Bundle Pet: Twin Automations

Wizard101 Arcane Builder's Bundle - build your own Wizard101 house! Gear and pet
Officially called the Arcane Helpers in-game, this pet is made up of two different automations - that means that one pet can interact with itself - the two automations will fight and move with each other. They give a Wild Bolt card at Baby and can learn a talent that gives stun resistance!

Arcane Bundle Outfit: Arcane Smith's Gear

This gear isn't particularly useful for PvE or PvP, mainly due to its lack of health and sufficient damage, not to mention other deficiencies. However, this gear, unlike a lot of bundle gear, actually has a very interesting look to it, and might be worth having for that alone. I've included a video of all of the gear, wand options, and redemption screens below.

Here are the stats for the level 90+ set of the gear.

Wizard101 Arcane Builder's Bundle - build your own Wizard101 house! Gear

Arcane Bundle Wand: Arcane Smith's Hammer

This hammer is much like the wand back in the Super Bundle - it has different school themes, each with a slightly different look. The level 90+ version is a Death one. The stats are centered on a more defensive setup, with some impressive block and outgoing healing, but also a bit of armor piercing. Not to mention it looks great, which is always important.

Wizard101 Arcane Builder's Bundle - build your own Wizard101 house! Wand
The bundle, like others, also comes with an option of a one-month membership or 5,000 crowns. Again, I've included a video of all of the gear, wand options, and redemption screens below.

Where to Buy the Arcane Builder's Bundle

I believe that all bundles are the same, but you don't choose the set you want when you redeem the card. The first card you buy will give you the Midday Estate. To get the Meadows at Dusk, you will have to buy a second Arcane Builder's Bundle and redeem the house on the same character that has the Midday Estate. Redeemed it on another character will give you another Midday Estate. To get the Night Garden, you must buy a third card, and redeem it on the same wizard that has the Midday Estate and Meadows at Dusk. My hope is that this will be changed. You can purchase the card at GameStop.

It will arrive throughout the U.S. at different times depending on where you live, but don't rush to the store just yet. No card can be activated or redeemed until May 25th, and the official release date is June 2nd. 

There are already some great guides to using the building blocks. I recommend Paige Moonshade's guide to the basics HERE

If you have any additional information, let me know! Thanks for reading and see you in the Spiral! Credits: Thanks to Paige Moonshade for showing her awesome houses.


  1. Oh I LOVE the video. It shows so much more :D
    I love the walk through walls and the fact that you can see the doors open for you and just just load to another area. WAY cool. You guys keep raising the bar in helpful information. Beyond well done.

  2. looks cool, gotta get one

  3. Looks generic, unimaginitive, takes me straight back to wizard city where I definitely DONT want to be. Cool idea, BAD LOOK

  4. one... i'd get all 3 if i could... this is so awesome and cool...

  5. Reminds me of the Epic estate bundle house now retired (I think that is what it is called) I don't know anyone who would have the cash to buy 3 bundles and redeem 3 houses on same wizard. I know I don't.

  6. When i first heard about this, i was elated. Then i saw your videos. It took me a while to figure out what my problem was. And then i realized i had two. The first was that the "interior" to all three castles was a giant cavern. I wish it had been you design the exterior look of your castle, and then you can go inside and design the interior. Then i realized my second problem. The house pieces themselves. They are just, so basic. It's dissapointing really. I thought this would be a great way to let my creativity flow on that next level, but it isnt. The housing pieces, both in shape and design, really only lend themselves to a wizard city house, or possibly an avalon. I wish it were done so that you have several worlds to choose from in terms of what housing pieces you had to work with. I actually like the exterior in the night house, too bad i have to spend 120 dollars to get it. Also question. Are housing pieces tradeable between houses? If they ever release a mooshu DIY house, i may want to swap my pieces in there to make a mooshu night house. As it stands though, the only things that appeals to me right now are the mount and the look of the gear set.

    1. I AGREE
      The gear is poor

    2. Ooh, this looks cool, and the ability to build your own castle allows so much more creativity.

  7. the gear is sadly only crit block and not also crit. As a plus, you have to pay multiple times if you want the other houses.
    KINGSISLE RIP OFF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. This bundle is just epic! I will just die if I ever get it because I LOVE decorating in homes and this one has no limits! :D

  9. It looks cool, but I can't belive we have to buy 3 times the same bundle!

    1. Who said you had to have all three houses, even if you want more pieces, I think a pack in the crown shop will come out providing them.

  10. Hopefully with the community response, KI will change how you can acquire these houses for our wizards. As it stands right now, it is NOT worth it.

  11. I really wish KingsIsle would allow us to choose what House we could get and just give us the basic blocks that came with the Midday Estate. :/

  12. It would be nice for KI to sell pieces of the castle and plots in the crowns shop or housing shop. I would buy the bundle if it had better gear. You would need an insane amount of life and damage to really get a use out of the gear. The only other good thing is the wand but i would much rather get the pagoda because it has so much better gear and a slightly better wand.

  13. Due to the castle pieces being interior/exterior, you may 'hang things' on the exterior walls. This is not possible with static-house bundles.


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