Wizard101 Decaversary Hoard Pack Review

Wizard101's newest pack is live! The Decaversary Hoard Pack is a unique card booster pack containing items that celebrate Wizard101's upcoming tenth anniversary. It includes new mounts, a new pet, Pigswick house guests, new furniture items, special mega snacks, and more! Let's take a look.

There's a fair amount to obtain in this newest pack, with even some of the filler items being new furniture and house guests. The pack also includes new music scrolls for the updated Wizard City themes.

Decade Vortex Mounts & Decade Dragon Pet

Wizard101 seems to love the disappearing wizard mounts. They're back, and there's one for each school in this latest pack. They've each got unique effects according to their school. Like in other packs, they come in 1-day, 7-day, and permanent versions.

There seems to be an error with the Fire mount textures and the Balance mount textures seem to just be a duplicate of the fire one. This must be a bug.

Mount & Pet Grade: B+
The community rates these items as: Great 30% | Good 15% | Average 35% | Poor 20%

Commemoration Gear Sets

The gear in this pack is decent, but not wonderful. KingsIsle again attempts to push pip conversion on wands which ultimately makes their stats fall short of what any top-level wizard would actually use. The gear tends to lean on the offensive side, sacrificing resistance and oftentimes piercing, accuracy, and other elements for damage, and stats that aren't that far above other gear offerings. The cards they provide could be useful, however.

The redeeming quality of the gear is its appearance. The set, and particularly the wands, are pretty spectacular. Much like one of the crown shop wands, these wands include a spiral model on the top, but this one is from the Arcanum with a lot of bonus particles.

Click to enlarge gear samples

Gear Grade: B-
The community rates these items as: Great 31% | Good 31% | Average 19% | Poor 19%

Furniture, House Guests, and Other Items

The Decaversary Hoard Pack also includes quite a number of miscellaneous pets and new Pigswick House Guests (both of which seem quite common). There are also at least four new housing items.

Additionally, the pack includes all of the music scrolls for the new Wizard City themes. Most of the other filler items are seeds and the standard treasure cards and such. 

Other Items Grade: C+
The community rates these items as:Great 27% | Good 27% | Average 23% | Poor 23%

Pack Analysis

While I've personally not had any luck with permanent mounts or robes, quite a few seem to be going around. The drop rates for the new items are pretty good. It seems that you get at least one of the new items if not more in each pack, which is a solid shot when compared to many other packs.

Click to enlarge pack-opening samples

Here's the rarity of the most significant items in the pack

  • Epic: Permanent mounts
  • Ultra-Rare: Wands, Decade Dragon, Robes, 7-day mounts
  • Rare: Hats, Boots, Furniture, 1-day mounts

The Verdict

This pack has some cool items. Nothing you absolutely need, but some cool things nonetheless. Given that none of the gear really joins the ranks among the best available, your main interest in this pack will be cosmetic. If you're interested in the wands or mounts, it's not too long of a shot to try for one.

One of the really nice things about this pack is that some of the filler items are actually worth having. That's refreshing in the world of packs.

Overall Pack Grade: B
The community rates this pack as: Great 33% | Good 17% | Average 39% | Poor 11%

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What have you gotten from the Decaversary Hoard Pack?

Thanks for reading and see you in the Spiral!

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