Wizard101 Accursed Play Gauntlet

Wizard101 Accursed Play Gauntlet Bundle

Wizard101's newest game card is here - the Accursed Play Gauntlet! This card has theater-themed items and goodies for any wizard with a love of drama (the internet will adore this!). Take a look at what's new in this latest bundle.

Accursed Play Gauntlet Overview

Wizard101 Accursed Play Gauntlet Bundle
Location Sold: Walmart
Cost: $39
UPC: 79936649359
- Theater Gauntlet
- Stage Ship Mount
- Drama Llama Pet
- Dramaturgist's Gear
- Dramaturgist's Wand
- One-month membership or 5,000 crowns

Accursed Play Gauntlet

The main attraction in this card is the Accursed Play Gauntlet, a zone in the game called the Playhouse. It's a multi-room theater with stages, decorations, and more. You'll be completing only three short but exciting (and entertaining) battles. Note that the difficulty of the gauntlet will be set on par with the lowest level player who enters the dungeon with you.

Wizard101 Accursed Play Gauntlet Bundle

Here's a quick guide as to what you can expect in the top level tier of this gauntlet. Click to show or hide each of the battles.

Battle 1: Phantom Performers (Click to Show/Hide)

Battle 2: Fan-tom Stagehands (Click to Show/Hide)

Battle 3: MacDeath (Click to Show/Hide)

Stage Ship Mount

This has to be one of the wildest mounts I've seen! The stage ship, surrounded by wooden waves, is a two-passenger mount with the standard 40% speed bonus. This mount does not provide any additional stat bonuses, which makes sense given that applying a bonus from an equipped mount to two players, or not doing so, might be weird.

Wizard101 Accursed Play Gauntlet Bundle

Drama Llama Pet

This skull-wielding llama is the pet we saw outside the gauntlet in the latest teaser GIF that was included in this month's newsletter. It's a Death pet that provides a Virulent Plague card and starts out with a pleasant 71 pedigree. It cannot be offered for hatchmaking, per a new tag on the pet. I don't recall seeing this on past bundle pets.

Wizard101 Accursed Play Gauntlet Bundle

Dramaturgist's Gear & Wand

This gear set on this bundle is pretty cool looking! The stats follow a slightly more traditional design this time around, offering power pips on every piece. The boots offer both critical and block. There are a few interesting cards this time around, too. First, a 7-pip AoE Beguile on the hat! The robe then offers a Double Steal Charm, and the boots give an enhanced Hex.

The wand is certainly unique but not quite as cool as the gear set. You get the standard square socket and pip conversion with damage, critical, and piercing. It's a decent wand overall, with a chance to cast Sacrifice or Bad Juju.

All of the gear is shown in the video below, but the top tier is pictured here for your convenience.

Wizard101 Accursed Play Gauntlet Bundle

Check out this video for all of the wand and gear tiers!

Will you be buying the Accursed Play Gauntlet?

Thanks for reading and see you in the Spiral! Credits: Thanks to Tasha for helping track down this card!

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