Wizard101 Test Realm Teaser: Azteca Fish!

Wizard101's Test Realm is on the horizon, and it's bringing with it several updates that are being hinted at by official fansite owners. Updated graphics (not just textures, but models!) for Wizard City are being teased, and here's something else new: fish in Azteca!

New Fish to Catch

Here are some close-ups of six new fish to be found in Azteca. We've got the Dolphinosaur, Stegogar, Chupacarpe, Quetzacodl, Ax-Xolotl, and Tunsaurus Rex!

Where to Fish

The next question is... where will we be able to fish in Azteca? There are surprisingly limited amounts of water to actually fish in. 

  • There's the waterfall area in The Zocalo that will likely have fish.
  • Both Mangrove Marsh and Saltmeadow Swamp have a lot of water, but it's all shallow, with the ground visible right beneath it.
  • Saltmeadow Swamp has a fast-moving river that could be a potential area.
  • Cloudburst Forest has a great place for fishing, with the waters from Alto Alto feeding ponds below.
  • The Floating Mountains has some lava areas, but they are animated to move up and down, and unlikely to contain fish.

Keep an eye out for other teasers from fansite on the official list HERE.

Where do you think we'll be able to fish in Azteca?

Thanks for reading and see you in the Spiral!

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