Wizard101 Battlemage Keep Bundle

Wizard101's newest game card is here - the Battlemage Keep Bundle! This is a unique one, with some epic items and a house you won't want to miss. Let's take an in-depth look at this latest card.

Battlemage Keep Bundle Overview

Location Sold: GameStop
Cost: $39
- Battlemage Keep
- Battle Havox Mount
- Wargoyle Pet
- Battlemage Armor
- Battlemage Staff and Shield
- One-month membership or 5,000 crowns

Battlemage Keep

This is a house of epic proportions. It has perhaps the most vertical gain I've ever seen in a Wizard101 home, and you can explore areas of it from top to bottom! There are multiple secret passages, there's an arena, and a daily reward is included, too.

Check out this video tour of the house!

Battle Havox Mount

This sort of obscure, walking dragon-dinosaur-type-hybrid moves on two legs and is one mount you're sure not to forget. Plus, besides the usual 40% speed bonus, it provides the well-liked 2% damage bonus found on at least one other mount!

Wargoyle Pet

The Wargoyle Pet has a whopping 73 starting pedigree, with epics galore on its talent list! This is a more fierce companion than is often given in bundles, but not to worry, it still scores well on the cuteness scale.

Battlemage Armor & Staff

This gear continues to follow the trend we've seen where each piece tends to have specific stats. What's interesting about these pieces are the new spells they have. The wand, for example, provides a chance to cast two new spells that either create an aura on you that grants a pip every turn, or an aura on the opponent that removes a pip every turn. Other spells include enhanced versions of old ones and new tri-blades. I've provided a shot of the top tier of gear for your convenience.

Check out this video for all of the wand and gear tiers!

Will you be buying the Battlemage Keep Bundle?

Thanks for reading and see you in the Spiral!

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