Mysterious Monstrology in Wizard101

Wizard101 shared a new video today on social media hinting at upcoming content in the Spring update for the game. This is surely the first of many hints, but definitely an exciting way to kick things off. I'll be taking a look at what Monstrology might be and what the video means.

Monstrologist Burke

The primary focus of the teaser video (shown below) is a line of dialogue from Monstrologist Burke.

"Er, can I help you? Oh! yes of course. You're the one I was told about. I'm Principle Monstrologist Gilda Burke. Thanks for coming!"

My guess is that Gilda Burke is much like The Professor, Farley, or Aegon Statz - an NPC directing an event or activity. No doubt she'll be involved in the opening quest. Perhaps we'll have to report to her on a regular basis.


The interesting part of the video actually comes after the Monstrologist, with a wizard killing a Skeleton Pirate. Take a look.

"Collected 2 Skeletal Pirate Animus"

Not only do we see here that we've collected animus from a particular creature, but we've also gathered two experience in what is presumed to be Monstrology. 

Animus generally refers to hostility, though this could be a little bit of a spin on that - you might be collecting or extracting the evil within a creature, for example. What the experience part makes clear is that we're not getting daily monster assignments. Here, we'll actually have experience and progress through levels of something.


My guess would be that a new activity called Monstrology is coming up in the Spring update. While Wizard101 has yet to share additional details, we know there will be levels, creatures to defeat, and NPCs to interact with.

Here's the part we really don't have any background on - what is animus used for? We collect items to sell or wear and gold to purchase items, but this new red text suggests that we're not getting any kind of existing drop. Perhaps it will work like arena tickets, being traded in for rewards. We'll have to wait and see!

What do you think Monstrology will involve?

Thanks for reading and see you in the Spiral!

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