Wizard101 Monstrology Guide: The Basics

Wizard101's Spring update includes a new activity for wizards: Monstrology. This new pastime allows players to gather Animus from monsters and create useful spells and items, all while filling in their tome with monsters from around the Spiral.

Not only have I heard a lot of questions about Monstrology, I've also had them myself. I found that with the addition of jewels and sockets, a question and answer format worked well for clarification, so I am using that same format to answer common Monstrology questions. If I missed something, feel free to leave a comment and I'll answer at my earliest convenience.

Monstrology Overview

What is Monstrology?

Monstrology is a new side activity in Wizard101 that allows you to collect Animus from monsters around the Spiral and use them for different purposes such as creating treasure cards, making house NPCs, and purchasing spells that defeat an enemy instantly.

How do I start Monstrology?

If your wizard is at least level 12, talk to Monstrologist Gilda Burke in Ravenwood across from the Myth school. You will complete an introductory quest involving extracting an Animus from Lost Souls, then you'll be well on your way.

Monstrology Spells

What spells can I learn?

You will primarily be using the Extract Undead enchantment spell to complete Monstrology, but Gilda Burke also appears in other worlds (such as the first locations in Avalon, Azteca, and Polaris) with other spells like Extract Wyrm, Extract Parrot, and Extract Polar Bear.

How do I use a spell?

Spells work like Sun enchantments. Instead of using Colossal or Keen Eyes or another enhancement on a damage spell, you use an Extract on the spell before casting it. If you successfully hit the target with the enchanted spell and win the duel, you'll get one or more Animus. A video below shows the process of using a spell to collect Animus.

Animus & Collection

How do I collect Animus?

Animus is collected by hitting enemies with a spell that you have added an Extract enchantment to. You can potentially collect an Animus when you hit an enemy, and when you make the defeating blow to an enemy. Remember you must make these hits with a spell that you'd added Extract to in a battle. This counts for multiple enemies in a battle if you use a multi-attack (AoE) spell. It is unclear now what limits are placed on collecting Animus; the collection process seems sporadic.

What can I collect Animus from?

Extract Undead collects an Animus from just about anything that's undead, in any world. Likewise, the various types of extract spells can collect an Animus from various bosses and minions. When you have an extract-enchanted spell selected, small icons will show on enemies that have Animus to be collected in a battle.

Why am I not collecting Animus?

If you do not collect any Animus from an enemy, it is probably because the enemy is too high of a Monstrology level for you. Enemies have Monstrology levels, and if your own Monstrology level is not up to par, you may not collect any Animus. An indicator in battle lets you know whether you successfully collected Animus or not, and you will see any you collected as a text pop-up and in your chat box after completing a battle.

Where do I see what Animus I have?

You can see everything you've collected Animus from in your Monstrology Tome. You can press the "T" key to open this page up directly, or open your backpack and cycle through to the Monstrology Tome. Your Animus count is listed for each monster. Monsters are separated by world.

What do I do with Animus?

There are three things you can do with an Animus. First, you can collect enough (see how many in your Monstrology Tome) to complete any action. Then you can 1) create a treasure card version of that monster, 2) create an NPC for your house of that monster, or 3) create a one-shot-defeat card for that monster (not available for bosses).

Monstrology Levels

What are Monstrology levels?

Your wizard has a Monstrology level, just like a Fishing or Gardening level. This is located under the Activites tab of your character screen on the second page. As you collect Animus, you will gain Monstrology experience. You will gain more experience from monsters that are a higher Monstrology level than you (remember that if they're too far above your level, you will not be able to collect Animus), and less experience from monsters that are a lower Monstrology level than you.

Why am I not getting experience?

If you are fighting monsters that are too far below your Monstrology level, you will no longer gain experience. This is to prevent easy farming of enemies like Lost Souls in achieving high levels. Instead, you'll have to fight an enemy closer to your Monstrology level.

How do I get experience faster?

The best way to increase your experience is to fight higher-level monsters using a Triple Animus Elixir. The elixir is available in the Crown Shop for a very affordable 100 crowns per hour. You will collect triple the normal Animus, and thus receive increased experience, I believe.

The Monstrodome

What is a Monstrodome?

A Monstrodome is a housing item that you can place in any home. You get to designate what creatures will appear inside your Monstrodome for you and/or your friends to battle. These monsters have unique loot to be won, but do not have their original drop tables.

How do I get a Monstrodome?

You can get a Monstrodome two different ways. First, you can purchase one in the Crown Shop for 2500 crowns. Second, you can purchase a recipe for the Monstrodome from Felicia Worthington in Regent's Square, Marleybone. You can have as many Monstrodomes in your house as you'd like.

How do I use a Monstrodome?

To place a monster in your Monstrodome, you need to create a summon treasure card for it in your Monstrology Tome. After you have done so, place your Monstrodome in your house, click on it, and click on the Monstrodome icon. Now you can select which monsters to add. These monsters are repeatable within the Monstrodome.

What are you most excited for with Monstrology?

Thanks for reading and see you in the Spiral!

Thanks to the many inviduals on Twitter and elsewhere who pointed me in the right direction to get started with Monstrology.

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