Eight Things to Do After Finishing Valencia

While some pirates have said that Valencia seems to offer less content than usual, there's plenty to do with this latest update. By now, you might have caught on to the farming hotspots and the items you need, but just in case you missed a few, here are eight things to do once you've maxed out your pirate and completed arc one. I have ordered these from most essential to your game to least essential.

#1: Reach Nautical Level 70

Nautical levels are more than just an extra at this point. You need a high enough nautical level that you can defeat ships as you quest, otherwise the frequent ship quests become inconveniences as you must constantly call on friends for assistance. Fortunately, there are a lot of ways you can do it.

If you're looking for new ship gear, you might be able to knock this out along with number two. Some fansite owners such as Autumn Dreamwalker and Edward Lifegem have begun hosting nautical XP events (also great for scrip), and the most recent one was in Calabria Skyway farming Martin Chambers.

If you don't like the small bit of grinding it does take to reach level 70, you can still get there without ever fighting a ship. Just task your unused companions to nautical XP, and they'll bring you some after so many hours. This is where it will pay to take on number five, too, because the higher your companions' levels, the more experience you'll get from them.

#2: Farm Martin Chambers for Ship Items

If Ship PvP shows up in the near future, you'll want to be prepared. And if it doesn't, you still want to be able to smash enemy ships when you're questing or farming for items or just helping a friend who didn't follow through on number one. 

Martin Chambers is the place to make it happen. A lot of the best ship gear available for level 70 galleons is available for purchase from the Florenza vendor. If you choose a non-Aquila-origin ship, you can also buy several of the other best pieces from the Bazaar. (For some reason, the Aquilan ones, even though they're not better than a level 70 ship from any other world, are no auction.) 

The only thing you're missing is the ship horn (and if you want a figure head with a different attack type, those are dropped, too). Both of these are available in several different forms from Martin Chambers, as well as the Serverus Snake pet if you choose to board him. (Though this awards regular experience, not nautical experience, and cannot drop ship items)

#3 Do Your Promotion Quest

Besides providing a new epic ability for your already-effective Presidio companion, the new promotion quest will reveal the name of your mother and give you access to farm Captain Hande, a notorious pirate teased long before this update.

This is going to unlock all sorts of different possibilities for you. Leveling up your companions goes hand-in-hand with number five. Getting access to Captain Hande allows you to more easily pursue number seven. That's not to mention the valuable story elements in this quest, on top of one of the greatest badges around.

#4: Level Pets to 70 & Morph for New Ones

Now, Mega Pirate101 pets can level to Super - level 70. This is only five levels more than before, so it's not a great journey by any means, but it may mean that your previously perfect pet now has a stray talent in need of replacement. Even so, leveling pets to 70 will provide them with a new epic ability, more health, and greater attack power. Even if you don't intend on hatching new pets, here's a chance to improve your old one.

If you're into PvP, this is a golden opportunity to snag an extra grant and push your pet just a little bit further than everyone else's to give you an edge wherever possible. Pirate pets are much more diverse than Wizard pets, and while they hatch quicker and are easier to repeat, it can still take plenty of work to make a good one. This, combined with all of those other hybrids to obtain, should keep players busy for months.

#5: Level Companions to 70

It goes without saying that players will want to level their companions to 70 that they use frequently. With PvP, PvE, and new promotions up for grabs, even some older, less used companions are starting to compete for top spots. But what about all those other, neglected companions? They need attention, too.

After a semi-recent update to companions, many of the older ones are surprisingly viable, though some of those lagging the furthest behind, namely the bison and water moles, will never make the cut. But, if Valencia Part 2 has taught pirates anything, it's that dusting off the cobwebs on the older companions might be necessary with how tough some of the fights can get. If your A-list is out quick, you'll need back up, and keeping other companions properly leveled assures you don't go down a slippery slope of not using different companions, just worse ones, and constantly losing.

On top of questing, high-level companions also bring in more gold, higher-level items (including some with cards - you might not need to farm at all), and more nautical XP. Of course, if you're just looking for pet wranglin' companions, keeping them as low as possible is actually helpful. Don't forget that as some of your companions level, though, they can train powers to help them with these tasks.

#6: Complete all Side Quests

There aren't quite as many side quests in Valencia as anyone would have liked, including the Pirate101 team, but the ones that are there are worth doing, and they'll take you across the Spiral in the process of completion. You can even potentially earn a few new badges.

Valencia isn't the only place to questing, though. If you're in need of new Pirate adventures, I highly recommend venturing out to other worlds of the Spiral and picking up every quest you can find. Looking at which badges you have for completing all side quests in particular books will help you figure out which ones you might be missing. Not only can you get some of the rarest and most interesting badges from these, but they'll also keep your quest book clean.

#7: Farm for New Gear

Valencia is a melting pot of cultures and a trading empire. For that reason (and cuts) there aren't a lot of new gear looks in Valencia. The two battles that drop them are Captain Hande and Kane. While Kane and the elites also drop all of their old gear pieces in the final battle, it requires three fights and multiple cutscenes to work through. 

Captain Hande can be completed in three minutes or less, one-tenth of the time it takes for a smooth Kane run. He also drops the level 70+ gear with the multiple cards and new appearances, which may end up being far more essential to your PvP or even PvE game than many of the numbers previously, though most pirates will be looking more for something new to wear.

#8: Farm for Kane's Mask

If you're a completionist, a collector, or just want to snag as many fancy hats and masks as possible, Kane's will be at the top of your list. Not only is it decent in terms of stats, providing a power that lets you teleport to a companion and both gain a 50% shield for a round, but it also looks cool, on top of being fairly rare. 

Fortunately, Kane has a chest, so you get one shot from the battle, and maybe a couple more from the chest (if you use the crowns sale, the first couple throws are only 5 cents, then 10 cents, and so forth).

What have you been up to Valencia?

Thanks for reading and see you in the Spiral!

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