Wizard101: Immortal's Lore Pack Review

Wizard101's latest game card pack - the Immortal's Lore - offers three new spells for wizards to learn: Queen Calypso, Hephaestus, and Athena Battlesight. These spells for Storm, Fire, and Myth respectively, along with the other items in the pack, are part of the newest update to the game.

Immortal's Lore Pack: What's Inside

The Immortal's Lore Pack, like other lore packs, features three spells to be won rather than a mount. In addition, this pack has new and notable treasure cards, a pet, access to a variety of different past pets, and new Aquilan NPCs for your home.

New Spells

There are three new spells in the pack.

  • Queen Calypso is a 4-pip Storm spell that first adds a 20% Storm Trap to the enemy, then deals 445-505 Storm damage.
  • Hephaestus is a 5-pip Fire spell that does 425-475 Fire damage, then adds a 25% Fire global.
  • Athena Battlesight is a 5-pip Myth spell that does 520 Myth damage and adds a 35% universal shield to the caster.

The general consensus has been that the Fire and Myth spells are strong new additions to each school's arsenal, though mainly for those two schools given that not many wizards play a Fire or Myth mastery amulet. The Storm spell, though, while it's a cool new concept and has an epic animation, doesn't work out too well in practice. The 20% simply boosts the damage, so it's the equivalent of having a slightly higher damage with no effect.

Spells Grade: C+

Aquilan Armor Sets

The armor sets surprised me in this one. Generally, packs offer powerful wands - and this one is no exception. In fact, if your power pip chance is sound, this wand is a welcome alternative to the Terror's Hoard Pack ones used previously. (In fact, I believe as they get higher in tier, they lose power pip chance in favor of armor piercing anyway.) 

The gear in these, though, is surprisingly viable depending on your setup. If you typically tank, particularly if you tank and don't do much healing, these new armor pieces may be a good alternative for you. They offer similar resistance, some healing bonuses, but also have crazy-high health. These give power pip chance and stun resistance, too. The robe, in particular, provides a huge chunk of critical block chance along with all these goodies. 

Not only are the stats pretty good, it looks unique, too. The helmet is a little bit different, but I could see other armor pieces working in a set, and definitely the spear/lance. It's pretty cool.

Gear Grade: A

Mechanical Owl & Pets Galore

Like most all packs, the Immortal's Lore has a new pet - the Mechanical Owl. This pet can learn a talent that allows you to collect 10% more gold, similar to the pet jewel (they can likely be combined for a 20% bonus). It is a unique design.

This pack gets interesting, though, in that it offers pets from all over the place. You can get pets like the Firestorm Quetzal, which is a parent to a number of hybrids. It also offers several past bundle pets, including the Night Hawk from the Hawkrider's Bundle and the Pegasus Pony from the Spiral Cup Gauntlet.

Pet Grade: B

Treasure Cards & Other Items

In addition to dropping notable past treasure cards like Big Bad Hound, you can also get Queen Calypso, Hephaestus, and Athena Battlesight TCs from this pack, so even if you don't get the new spells, you can at least be one step closer to crafting them.

Those aren't the only good ones available, though. There is a new spell called Brulee Sucree, which is a six-pip Life spell that does 60 + 435 Life damage over three rounds to an enemy and heals the caster for 120 +750 health over three rounds - so pretty powerful!

If that wasn't enough, there's also a new set of seven different treasure cards that are triple shields. These zero-pip spells place 3 -25% shields to a particular school spell, with the exception of Balance, which places 3 -15% universal shields.

Unfortunately, these new treasure cards are balanced out by a great number of old items of little use. No new furniture or anything else.

Treasure Card / Item Grade: C

Pack Analysis

The Immortal's Lore Pack does not follow Wizard101's newer pack structure, nor does it seem to mirror many others. It offers a unique combination of items.

Breaking the Pattern

The pack places its new items (like gear, spells, and so forth) in the last two slots. The other slots may be new treasure cards or old items recycled in the pack. The thing I've noticed is that some of the items are pretty common, specifically pairs of boots. The NPCs are not terribly rare either.

With the new spells being the main attraction, and otherwise drawing people in with gear and a pet, the TCs and NPCs are one of the few saving graces in the Immortal's Lore Pack. There are lots of filler items, but some new ones definitely worth having.


For all the great things in the pack, I think there was a critical mistake made with this one. Wizards know how much of a gamble packs can be. Crafting is a surefire way to obtain what you want, even if it means working for it over a long period of time. At the same time this pack was released, they also made its main attraction - the spells - craftable. You can purchase recipes from the vendor in The Wyrd, Avalon, inside Dun Scaith.

With no mount, that leaves only gear, pets, and perhaps some treasure cards to be desired from the pack. Pets can be hatched, treasure cards bought from the Bazaar, and not everyone needs gear. That means that not everyone may be in need of this pack.

The Verdict

Drop rates seem to be decent and there are a few items you might want to snag. If you still need spells or pets from this pack, I recommend giving it at least a couple of tries. In particular, if you never received the Terror's Hoard Wand, I'd definitely give this one a go.

Overall Pack Grade: C+

Will you be buying the Immortal's Lore Pack? Have you gotten anything good?

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