Wizard101 Cuckoo Clock Gauntlet Bundle

Wizard101 Cuckoo Clock Tower Gauntlet Bundle

Wizard101's most recent game card - the Cuckoo Clock Gauntlet - has been pretty tough to track down. After some time and assistance, I'm ready to bring you all the details on the latest and greatest in Wizard101 bundles!

Cuckoo Clock Gauntlet Overview

Wizard101 Cuckoo Clock Tower Gauntlet Bundle
Locations Sold: Target and Walmart
Cost: $39
- The Great Clock Tower Gauntlet
- Clockwork Courser Mount
- Battle Cherub pet
- Dragoon's Vesture
- Dragoon's Rapier
- One month of membership or 5,000 crowns

Great Clock Tower Gauntlet

Wizard101 Cuckoo Clock Tower Gauntlet BundleThe Great Clock Tower is a four-level gauntlet (meaning you cannot teleport into it, you must enter with the people you wish to complete it with) with two bosses and two minion fights. It has, perhaps, one of the most in-depth stories of any Wizard101 housing gauntlet, and offers some insights in the Pirate101 story for those interested.

The Tower drops a variety of reagents, primarily metals, as well as all kinds of clockwork treasure cards (including the golem cards which were previously only available when the B.O.X.E.S. event was live), and clockwork pets, including the new Steel Golem pet, one that has been floating around the Spiral for years but never released until now.

I have provided a quick guide to the health, ranks, schools, and cheats of each level below. Click to expand or hide each section.

Floor 1: Clockworks (Click to Show/Hide)

Floor 2: Clockworks (Click to Show/Hide)

Floor 3: Lugs (Click to Show/Hide)

Floor 4: Lucia (Click to Show/Hide)

Clockwork Courser Mount

Pirates will be seeing something pretty familiar in Wizard101 with the Clockwork Courser mount. This is the mount given to paying players during a Pirate101 promotion. The Wizard101 version allows wizards to share in the fun, and can be dyed any color. The unique thing about this mount is that in addition to its 40% speed bonus, you get a 2% armor piercing bonus. 

Wizard101 Cuckoo Clock Tower Gauntlet Bundle

Battle Cherub Pet

Wizard101 Cuckoo Clock Tower Gauntlet BundleIf you're a Pirate101 player or just a fan of clockworks, this is a must-have for your collection. The Battle Cherub not only looks great, it can also be a great PvP pet, too. It offers Guardian Spirit to anyone who can equip it - which means everyone, even low levels. Though there are talks of making this spell no-PvP on the pet in the summer update, it still makes a worthy companion on your PvE quests.

Dragoon's Gear and Weapon

KingsIsle has seriously been stepping it up with their gear appearances in these past few bundles. This gear set along with the Witch Hunter's Bundle gear set are very good looking, and any wizard would be proud to wander the Spiral in these outfits. This set could certainly be broken up into individual pieces and used in stitching for complete outfits.

Wizard101 Cuckoo Clock Tower Gauntlet Bundle

As per the usual, the level 110+ gear (pictured above) is not particularly viable for PvP players or anyone who plans on farming some of the tougher bosses of the Spiral, but provides a good balance of stats for more casual players, plus some cards which can be helpful in a group setting where your character is required to deal all the damage or serve as a tank.

The wand is one for consideration. It has a nice, universal 10% damage buff in addition to 70 critical and 7% armor piercing. If you have some of the Darkmoor pack wands, you'll probably end up keeping those, but if you weren't fortunate enough to snag one, this is a great backup weapon, offering decent critical, a strong piercing bonus, and good damage - notably universal, if your setup uses mastery amulets to attack with spells from other schools. The creative twist to this weapon is that it may cast a Moon damage AoE after you cast the wand hit, meaning it could come in handy for clearing shields, or just adding a little action to your PvE and PvP matches. All gear and wand tiers are shown in this video:

Personal Thoughts

This bundle was initially a tough sale for me. The mount is very familiar due to it being a Pirate101 promotion. The pet I had obtained by hatching with those who purchased this bundle early. While I like to have all of the gauntlets for house parties and events, I had run this one quite a few times already. However, the potential for the Steel Golem drop reeled me back into that item.

The real shining stars of this bundle, besides the pet (though it can be hatched) and the gauntlet (not as exciting the tenth time through), are the gear pieces. They look really fantastic, and I've been contemplating a new look for my wizard. These may end up being a part of it. I'll also definitely be farming for that new pet as well.

Will you be purchasing the Cuckoo Clock Gauntlet Bundle?

Thanks for reading and see you in the Spiral! Credits: Thanks to Tasha for helping me locate this bundle.

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