Wizard101's Third Arc: What's Next?

Polaris led to a number of interesting revelations, some of which those who completed history quests and paid attention to the storyline already knew, and others that were complete surprises. Unlike any previous arc in a KingsIsle game, Wizard101's third major storyline is laid out very clearly for us. Fair warning: If you have not completed the storyline, there are spoilers ahead!

Next Two Worlds Confirmed?

At the end of Khrysalis Part 2, Old Cob left us with a prophecy. In it, he specified five different places that we'd visit. For those who have forgotten, here's the dialogue:

It might be that he just rattled off some of his favorite hang-out spots, but us wizards were unconvinced. From the beginning, we suspected that this was a blueprint for the next arc. It's a very curious way to operate given that the second arc contained almost all completely new worlds that had never been mentioned or referenced elsewhere. 

It turns out we were right. After the announcement of Polaris, many of our suspicions were confirmed, and the blueprint for the third arc was set into place. But what exactly is coming to Wizard101? What all is it that we know? Turns out it's quite a bit.

Where We're Going

Never before has path been so clearly laid out in front of us. After visiting Polaris as per Old Cob's dramatic dialogue bit, we can also safely assume that our next two works are confirmed. First, we'll go to Empyrea. Then, we'll go to Mirage. 

Empyrea is a sky world, home to sky squids and full of massive castles and palaces floating in the sky. It's very much a Pirate101-type environment made for wizards. Mirage is an Arabian-style world described as "a subtle place, an oasis in a desert of mystery."

It will be interesting to see if they start mixing up the order, but my guess is that it's safe to say that Old Cob's all-knowing prophecies are particularly precise. The one thing he leaves open is what the last two worlds could be. To make a perfect five as both other storyline arcs have been, we also have to visit the "hidden lands" and "broken shores," though he has yet to specify where those are. They will likely be new worlds that we are not expecting.

Grandfather Spider's Intentions

For those who never did the Khrysalis history quest, the Polaris revelation that Old Cob is actually a first-world being called Grandfather Spider wouldn't have come as a surprise. For others, it's quite the shocker.

Polaris was the first world to use a new writer at Wizard101 as part of a transition from an old one (Jesse Scoble, a.k.a. King Artorius). It is one of the strongest stories in the game, but also one of which I am not entirely fond of the direction. Jesse Scoble seems to consistently hint that Old Cob was not a truly evil being, particularly in the lines of the history quest:

A thousand years, a thousand more. Memories of love and fury fade.

However, Polaris makes his intentions clear - Old Cob believes that the current state of the shattered Spiral is improper and corrupt. It's a disease, and he's the cure. He has unleashed his children to wreak havoc across the Spiral, finding any number of ways to potentially destroy it. (Who designed all these hazardous contraptions!?) 

First World Beings

One thing that became increasingly clear at the end of Khrysalis Part 2 was that there were and are a variety of other first-world beings that are father and mother to the beings and things throughout the Spiral. For example, the Auroracle. We know that Sky and Land are at least personified beings. I don't suppose Mother Nature could be ruled out.

This also leads back to a question not only of the Before Time but also of before the Before Time. Bartleby talks about the Creator, though we haven't heard much about whatever being that may be.

The Scorpion and The Bat

One of the other ways that KingsIsle had laid out this next arc for us is in terms of villains. Most people suspected that Old Cob would be the third-arc enemy that we'd need to defeat at the end of the story, though the current writer suggests that Grandfather Spider is much too powerful to be beaten by a wizard... and I agree. What kind of game would it be if, when the time came, we were just able to defeat anything and everything, including First World beings. We'd be able to take out Bartleby and rule the Spiral ourselves. Too much power.

Polaris, however, introduced a new villain that essentially became a road map for three. Rasputin wasn't a person at all, but instead the Rat, one of Old Cob's children. During a brief visit to Zafaria in Polaris, we learned the powers of each of the three children.

The Scorpion is a master alchemist, who "is prophesied to rise from the desert and steal the sun!" Where exactly is the sun in our Spiral, anyway? Sounds like an unpleasant trip to Mirage. The fact that Old Cob told the Rat that he was "stung" by defeat makes me think that we may not meet another child in Empyrea but instead will have to wait until Mirage.

The Bat is a shapeshifting Vampire, "a master of illusion and subterfuge, and with a heart as black as night." This is interesting to me, because while a bat has wings which might be appropriate for Empyrea, this sounds more along the lines of Darkmoor. Perhaps they are the "hidden lands" in Old Cob's prophecy.

Because all of the children seem to "escape" from our duels, I think it's safe to say the final battle with involve all three with Old Cob... though we may need to employ some assistance to win that one.

Moving Forward

If Empyrea is indeed the next world, even more of our suspicions will be confirmed. As the rest of the arc unfolds, my guess is that there are still a few more surprises in store.

Thanks for reading and see you in the Spiral!

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