Pirate101's Top 5 Taverns

Pirate101 Taverns

With the addition of Marleybone and Aquila, Pirate101's variety of taverns has been growing. There are any number of places to stop in to earn your Tavern Crawler badge, but not all of them are precisely the same. Sometimes the yum can spoil your perfect memory of a tavern, but have no fear. Here are the top five taverns to visit in Pirate101.

As we review all of the Pirate101 taverns and look at our top five, it's important to remember our criteria. The tavern must be an actual tavern - one in which you can buy companion points or train companions, not just a place that could function as one. There are quite a few good spots, but unofficial taverns are a post for another day.

#5 - Hole in the Wall Tavern

This is perhaps the only tavern in all of Pirate101 that's located within the docking location of an area, making it one of the quickest stops if you're looking to buy some companion tomes, playing mini-games, or level your companions in the tavern cellar.

Pirate101 Taverns

The Hole in the Wall is named for - you guessed it - a hole in the wall. The only drawback of being located in a docking location is that the occasionally cannonball may come parading through the place. The Hole in the Wall in all other aspect is fairly normal, sporting the same layout as other Skull Island taverns with slightly different coloring. It's brighter and slightly more lively than others, it would seem, but has that Skull Island feel nonetheless.

#4 - Admiral Benbow Tavern

There are only two taverns in all of Marleybone and one is simply a retexture of the Skull Island taverns... plus it's in the sewer. But it shouldn't be any surprise that street life on the Isle of Dogs is exciting. 

The Admiral Benbow Tavern is a prime hangout place for local Marleybonian residents, or travelers passing through. It's where you'll find Prospector Zeke with his quest for the Rolling Stones and offers all the same luxuries (companion points, mini-games, and companion leveling in the cellar) as other taverns.

Pirate101 Taverns

Besides having a unique and attractive layout, the Admiral Benbow also has a unique cellar. After so many trips to the basement of a tavern, the same old look can get boring. Here's your chance to take a look at something new.

#3 - The Golden Bough

Similar to Marleybone, Aquila has very few taverns - one, in fact. Despite its many locations, the place is so remote that only Nova Aquila sports a local yum destination - The Golden Bough. Inside, it has a totally unique layout containing several NPCs you'll run into throughout your questing as well as the usual goodies.

Pirate101 Taverns

Like the Marleybone tavern, The Golden Bough has a unique cellar that really is worth a mention. It seems as though this is one of the least-visited taverns despite being the only one in the world, but its design deserves a little more attention than it gets.

Pirate101 Taverns

#2 - Gallo Loco Cantina

While Cool Ranch was given its own, more spacious layout for taverns, or, more appropriately, saloons, there are several in the world and it can make the same old place feel outdated. However, the Gallo Loco Cantina is a special one. 

Besides having a unique design, the Gallo Loco Cantina is the center of action in Santo Pollo. Inside, some classes will find a companion ready to join them and others a new companion to unlock in the Crown Shop. There are quests to join the Dos Amigos y Uno, and a boss battle in back! That's a lot to pack into one tavern.

Pirate101 Taverns

The Gallo Loco Cantina isn't just about function, though. It's situated comfortably in a small town and the layout is open and pleasing to the eye. It even has its own in-game map. You know, in case you get lost inside after too much yum.

#1 - The Black Spot

Was there any question that One-Eyed Jack's prime hangout area would be number one on the list? The Black Spot, which is built inside a massive crashed ship on one of the coolest islands in all of Skull Island (and maybe the Spiral). 

Pirate101 Taverns

Besides being the largest tavern and therefore most appropriate for large gatherings, it's also in a room with a view. No, I don't mean the hole in the wall that's larger than any hole in the wall in the Hole in the Wall tavern. I'm talking about the windows in the back!

The Black Spot is a key location and one of the few taverns that are required to visit for the storyline quest. Plus, let's be honest - One-Eyed Jack is just a pretty epic character. 

What's your favorite tavern?

Thanks for reading and see you in the Spiral!

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