Pirate101 Hybrid Spotlight: Heck Scarab

Pirate101 Heck Scarab

While many have been busy with their wizards or outside the Spiral, others have hunted fiercely for the multitude of unknown hybrids in Pirate101 that Decius consistently provides hints for. That's one major difference with the pet systems in Wizard101 and Pirate101 - in Pirate, hatching and creating a pet is a short-term (or shorter) process, but hybrids are not so cut and dry. It takes some pretty serious dedication and/or crazy luck to locate them.

Heck Kitty Hybrid Hunt

With four out of seven Grizzly Beast Pack pets already being a part of hybrids, hunters began to focus in on the three remaining pack pets - surely they followed the trend, right? They were the Heck Kitty, the Faunfawn, and the Hawk. The Clockwork Spider is part of the Clocktopus, the Hedgehog and Hoggle mixed to make the Pork U Pine, and the Ram-a-Lam was half of the Horned Toad combination.

Decius's Hints

In December of 2014, after many hybrids had already been discovered, Decius Duelmaster said he doubled the number of hybrids in-game, and has noted adding more since then. He's dropped periodic hints as to what combinations might produce new pets, but it always skeptical of telling others whether they are correct or incorrect, not only because he wants players to discover hybrids, buts also because if he states that a particular combination does not work and later he creates a hybrid for that combination, he'd have to give it away by suggesting people try the combination again, otherwise they'd avoid it because of his past direction.

Pirate101 Heck Scarab

Finding the Scarab

It was only a matter of time before the Heck Scarab was discovered - a combination between the Scarab pet (still somewhat of a rarity dropped in Zenda) and the not-so-rare Heck Kitty. This may very well be the fullfilment of Decius's hint about skittering (written in a red font) and crawling (written in a purple font). Clever Brianna Everett is the pet enthusiast who found this gem, which was soon shared across social media and the Pirate101 message boards, as well as on Pirate101 Central.

Even so, the pet itself remained rare, not only because one of its parents was fairly rare, but also because it's such a different hybrid to obtain.

Gold and More Gold

There is always some luck involved in getting hybrids, but we all know those couple in particular that take forever to get. I'm not talking ten tries, no - that's a breeze! I'm talking anywhere from 20 to 40 hatches trying to get one hybrid. That could take upwards of 800,000 gold - four times the maximum, and some of them have taken more.

Pirate101 Heck Scarab

I spent quite a bit of gold (and a lot of time chest hunting) trying for the hybrid, until I finally found a hatching buddy: Willowdreamer on Pirate101 Central offered and it was a success. After all of the tries with the original combination, it took just one try to get it by hatching directly, which also confirms that yes, you can get it without having to use the original combination.

The Search Continues

With more than double the hybrids we had a year and a half ago, there are definitely more to be discovered. There's plenty of hybrid searching yet to do Pirate101, and I believe there are some unsolved hints from Decius! Best of luck in your searches!

Will you be hatching for the Heck Scarab?

Thanks for reading and see you in the Spiral!

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