Wizard101's Top Ten Most Evil Bosses

Bosses range in purpose from trials and tribulations to guards and war-ready generals. While the Spiral is full of diversity, there are some enemies that are undeniably more sinister than others. Here are the top ten most evil bosses in Wizard101.

10 - Aunt Eunice

Sometimes you don't have to go very far to find evil - and that's the case for Dworgyn before he came to Ravenwood. During the B.O.X.E.S. event, our wizards journey back to interview potential candidates for an open Death School teacher position, only to find that the Maestro is attempting to worm his way into Ravenwood from the past.

Dworgyn is a resident of Dimwood Vale, Darkmoor, and that's part of the draw to Aunt (Ant) Eunice, who appears to also be a vampire.

[Dworgyn] tends the fungi forms, milks the aphids, gathers honeydew, swabs the shells, and sweeps the cinders. Maybe you can join him!

The dialogue alone grants Aunt Eunice a top ten spot! 

9 - Maudit Soulban

Who would want to wonder into any place that glows red and is called the Dread Keep? That's the first reason this boss earns its spot. Beyond his impressive throne room, Maudit Soulban has a collection of cages and creatures that hold your interest. This Avalon boss, the only one on the list, is one key to restoring a frozen fire elf village in The Wild back to its former glory. 

The most striking thing about Maudit is, perhaps, his introduction:

I am Maudit Soulban, lord of the Dread Keep! Soon your blood-spattered garb will hang from my walls!

Threats similar to this have prompted much discussion (and still do) over what is and isn't age-appropriate, but there's no question in anyone's mind that Maudit is a memorable villain, and his taunts make him number nine on the list of the most evil bosses! 

8 - Hades the Unseen

This ancient being couldn't be anything but immortal given how many times most of us wizards have defeated him. Hades isn't truly evil... and least not upon first examination. Consider your battle with him, Poseidon, and Zeus more of a test or a challenge. Or your defeat as a sport.

Even with his twisted games, it isn't his nature that provides Hades with a spot on the top ten list. His excessive cheats and double pips won't do it either. The reason Hades makes the top ten most evil villains is because of his wonderful gear, which he so rarely surrenders. 

In many ways, the Amulet of Divine Influence was the first item that even some elitists would have to simply accept not having given its rarity. Surely there is nothing more evil than a drop you know is there but can't manage to obtain! 

7 - Balor the Broken Fang

Outside of Grizzleheim, we don't see a lot of bears, but that doesn't make Balor any more of a welcome sight in part two of Khrysalis. Residing in the palace in Sardonyx, this boss issues a threat you won't soon forget:

I'll bite your head off and place it on a stake! But first, Spellbinder, we fight. This will be a joy, with the scent of hot blood and the sound of screams.

Not only will Balor cheat in your battle, but you also have to defeat him again later on in the Galleries. Between his threats and his cheats, Balor moves into the top ten most evil villains. 

6 - Sekhmet

Perhaps the most obscure boss on the list is this one. You can't actually fight Sekhmet in-game... in fact, we haven't even met her yet. However, being in battle is by no means a requirement for evil! 

Sekhmet is the master of Ammit the Devourer, fought in the inverted pyramid known as the House of Scales. Ammit judges the souls of those who've died, but, being a Krok, she hasn't been particularly impartial.

As we make the rather lengthy journey to stop Ammit in what is easily one of the more attractive dungeons in Wizard101, we discover that beyond the Briskbreeze Tower and the House of Scales, there's more fun in store with Sekhmet. We can't forget that Orrick Nightglider said that something is coming to the Spiral... but I'll have more for you on that later. 

Who is Sekhmet, you ask? Oh, you'll meet her soon enough...

5 - Shane von Shane

Ah, the all-important menace of Darkmoor. Shane is interested in being reunited with his love, but has quite a sinister way of getting there. He's definitely working for the wrong crowd. 

That in mind, Shane's being evil alone wouldn't put him in the top ten. He's at number five for a couple of reasons. First and foremost, he's a cheater. Even the original Malistaire played by the rules, but this optional barrier to some of the best gear in the game is a force to be reckoned with.

Shane von Shane earns his spot because his tactics are so dastardly that no wizard ever reports on his favorably. 

4 - The Coven

Similar to Morganthe, the Coven's motives are almost purely evil. They seek to unleash an Everwinter upon Grizzleheim, or even the whole Spiral, which will consume it in ice. One of things that makes them particularly evil is that there is no clear motive for doing this. It is never explained how this would benefit them, it would simply be a burden for everyone else. And by burden, I mean death. Their plan is thwarted in two stages throughout Grizzleheim and Wintertusk, an island all its own, but oftentimes grouped with its neighbor.

Employing the help of the Sons of Ymir, the Coven seek to wake the Ice Titan, elevating the enormity of their story at least to a level that Malistaire reached. Unlike many of the other bosses on this list, the Coven is composed of four ravens, who are not fought only once. Instead, they appear on their own throughout the Grizzleheim story before banding together for a final battle, and later regrouping to attempt to wake Ymir! 

3 - Ngozi the Beguiler

Perhaps an unexpected top contender, Ngozi the Beguiler is a master of trickery and cunning. In what was one of the first real challenge dungeons beyond Sunken City, this boss hides behind three locations worth of enemies and puzzles.

Ngozi is a key player in the enslavement of the Manders, and even once they are freed, he must be defeated to prevent the evil from occurring again. With an entire race of creatures controlled by Kroks like Ngozi, he is certainly deserving of his place among the most evil of villains.  

You will bend to my will, little Wizard, for I am the great NGOZI! All the Manders are mere puppets to do my bidding. As will you...!

2 - Malistaire the Undying

Malistaire as a character and first-arc villain doesn't make the top ten at all, given his original motives of restoring his wife Sylvia to life. However, Undying Malistaire, and later Shadow Malistaire, is back for vengeance, and vengeance only. 

Whether or not it's truly the essence of the original character or simply a dark force inhabiting an old foe's form, Morganthe's magic has made this boss even more powerful. In his revelation at the end of Azteca, he officially claims the spot as the final boss of the world before drifting off into the Spiral.

As we wizards have learned at this point, things that drift into the void seem to have a way of coming back, and Malistaire made an appearance again in Darkmoor (why doesn't he ever choose some place sunny?). Fortunately, third time was the charm (we hope). 

1 - Morganthe

Without a doubt, Morganthe tops the list as the single most evil villain in all of Wizard101. While she certainly feels wronged, her quest for power and destruction is one of vengeance. She is motivated by hatred and darkness.

One of the most powerful draw factors on Morganthe's Resume of Evil is mass genocide. Her redirection of the comet Xibalba lead to the destruction of Azteca and its inhabitants, a dark and permanent turn to the Wizard101 story, prefacing a shadowy conclusion. Even before her run-in with our wizard characters, she was pulling all kinds of evil as a student, reading of and studying forbidden magic, and casting Woolly Mammoths to and fro! 

In Khrysalis, her eye observes the wizard during a fight with Kravenly, where Morganthe has this to say:

I know what you're up to, and soon enough I'll have the pleasure of watching you bleed. Kravenly, gut and skin the Wizard. Then bring me the pelt!

Morganthe's quest for power eventually overwhelmed her, and she fell to her supposed death into the void of the Spiral at the conclusion of Khrysalis. We can only hope she isn't planning any reunions.

Honorable Mentions

Not everyone made the cut, but here are a few candidates who were close.


Summoning the Dragon Titan. Need I say more?


Easily one of the most cunning villains of all time, Meowiarty is a major part of both Wizard and Pirate stories.

Ezhua Bad Taste

This boss boasts that he'll be washing the bad taste from his mouth with your blood, and his enhanced spells and mastery amulet make him a well-qualified candidate.

Poca Cruel Star

Any boss who wants to fill an empty hole inside themselves with your heart (and lets you know about it) should clearly be in the running.

Orrick Nightglider

When cheating bosses were first being introduced, Orrick found a home in the Briskbreeze Tower. Farmed by many, loved by few.

Merle Ambrose

Few bosses send children out on impossible tasks while watching from their crystal ball, but Merle is one of them.

Who do you think are the most evil bosses? 

Post a comment and let me know! Thanks for reading and see you in the Spiral!

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