September Guest Post Lineup

Something new and fun is happening at Swordroll's Blog, and it starts in just two days! Guest posts are common outside the KingsIsle community, but we didn't see them very often here until recently, when Sonja over at Soultamer Gaming did a post swap with Evan at Pirates in the Sky and also had some guest posts from Ian over at WatchHallow. Now I'm giving them a try!

I've been blogging here for four and a half years now, and in all that time, I've never written a guest post for another site or had one written for mine. Now, through the end of the September, I'll be sharing several guest posts with you from five highly-qualified individuals who have some great information to share with you. 

I won't tell you what they'll be sharing just yet. I've asked them each to talk about specific topics. I will tell you who to expect posts from, though. Here's a quick rundown on what you'll see.

Mary Darkriver

First, I'll be sharing the winning entry to my contest back in May from Mary Darkriver. Players were required to write a blog post with specific instructions for a chance to win an Aztecan Builder's Bundle, and Mary finished in first place. Many were skeptical of this contest because they'd never done much writing, so those interested might be surprised to learn that Mary has not been a blogger or site contributor, either, so it was a step outside her comfort zone. The results were impressive.

Stubborn Duncan Freeman

Second, those of you who follow fansites regularly will know that Stubborn Ducan Freeman is very active in the community. He has most notably worked on Petnome and Petnome Pirates, but also started his own blog: Farming With Duncan. In terms of farming advice and speed runs, there are few quicker than this Witchdoctor. His blog posts go above and beyond the current standard and are packed with information and images that keep readers coming back.


Third, I'll be sharing a different type of post from someone you're likely familiar with: Sonja over at Soultamer Gaming. After a fairly recent move to a broader range of games, Sonja has taken her talent and been able to apply it in endless different ways and styles. This unique range of experience should have you excited for what she's got to share here.

Yadin Bromberg

Fourth, Yadin Bromberg, who recently celebrated his fifth anniversary at Tales of the Spiral, will be sharing. Yadin, also known as Blaze Shadowhorn, has been in the KingsIsle community for a very long time, at one point co-hosting a podcast and having run several sites for different games leading up to his employment as Titan's Community Manager. 

Requiem Demonic

Fifth, I'll share a post from Requiem Demonic, a well-known community member on Central who also moved to Twitter not too long ago, and frequently shares some incredible art pieces, Requiem Demonic, also known as Avery, has been a participant in the Wizard101 Central Graphic Champion contest and an active community artist for some time.

The first post (barring a major content update or Test Realm opening) will be up on September 18th for you to view, and the others will follow throughout the rest of September. If all goes well, I may share some additional guest posts a few months down the line or potentially make this an annual event of sorts. I hope you'll tune in to support each of these posters, and I know you'll enjoy what they're going to share.

Thanks for reading and see you in the Spiral!

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