Polaris: Where Wizards and Pirates Collide

Wizard101 Polaris / Napolenguin

We know at this point that our wizards will be visiting Polaris, this following a teaser from Wizard101 located HERE. However, what will our wizards be doing? How will we interact with our pirate counterparts? Let's explore some of these questions.

What are our wizards doing in Polaris?

This is the big question. There are a number of reasons for actually visiting the world. Polaris has been the popular theory for the first third-arc world for just about anyone who bothered to read Old Cob's dialogue at the end of the Morganthe story - three worlds and two vague locations, purposely unknown. This is revolutionary in itself because it means we already know the second and third worlds of the third arc.

We can only assume that Napolenguin is involved, and if we do assume that, there are three distinct possibilities for what we'll be working toward:

  • Assisting Napolenguin with the Penguin Revolution
  • Stopping Napolenguin and the Penguin Revolution
  • Assisting or preventing the invasion of another world by Napolenguin

Whether good or bad, all are fitting roles for our wizard given the things we've done in the past. It may even be similar to other storylines where we assist for some time before becoming aware of ulterior motives and putting a stop to Napolenguin and the Penguin Revolution.

Wizard101 Polaris / Napolenguin

Who's this Napolenguin guy?

To understand this vital character, we have to understand the person he's based off of: Napoleon Bonaparte. There are a couple of notable moments I'll share here to give you an idea of an order of events.

1785: Napoleon is stationed in Valence
1789: A Paris mob storms the Bastille
1794: Napoleon is imprisoned for a short period of time
1796: Napoleon takes command of the French army in Italy and begins a campaign into Austria
1798: Napoleon begins a campaign against Egypt
1798: The French navy is destroyed by the British Fleet under the command of Admiral Nelson
1799: Napoleon takes control of France following a coup d'etat
1804: Napoleon officially becomes the Emperor of France and is crowned in Notre-Dame Cathedral in Paris
1805: The British suffer a defeat under Admiral Nelson in The Battle of Trafalgar
1808: Unsuccessful Spanish revolt against the French army
1812: Napoleon invades Russia
1813: The French fall to Spain in the Battle of Vitoria
1814: Paris falls, Napoleon and his family flee

There are a number of important events not listed here, but I picked these out specifically because they all relate to something in-game. Napolenguin helped win a war in Monquista, which is based off of Spain, who has a number of run-ins with Polaris later on. It's interesting to note that Napoleon actually does run a campaign into Egypt, where Cairo falls to his army, so there may be a little bit of interaction with Krokotopia happening there.

The French navy, however, falls to the British Navy under Admiral Nelson, also the Marleybone general in-game. You'll remember that we assist Nelson in a showdown with Rooke in Trafalgar Vortex. It's also interesting to note that Napoleon invades Russia, which I'll talk about later in the post. Ultimately, however, Napoleon's war on two fronts stretched him too thin and he ended up fleeing the country.

Wizard101 Polaris / Napolenguin

How does that fit with the Pirate101 timeline?

In Pirate101, we must free Napolenguin from Fort Elena to assist Gortez in winning his war in Monquista, meanwhile rescuing Mustang Sally for more pressing matters in Cool Ranch. However, things that seem insignificant are often more important than we realize (like starting a war between Marleybone and Valencia - whoops). The quest name in Fort Elena is not related to Sally, but instead called "Flight of the Penguin," and despite his minor role, there's no question of how important a figure Napolenguin is.

Many people suspect the Wizard timeline to be long before or after the Pirate one, however, this cannot be. Our wizard must not have completed Mooshu by the time our pirate enters it, but our wizard must have completed Marleybone by the time our Pirate enters it because Meowiarty is already in jail.

Putting that into perspective with Polaris is tough, because, as at one one of the developers has mentioned, wars like that in Marleybone may span many years, and the timelines are thus warped. However, one line in Fort Elena is particularly helpful in where our Pirate falls in terms of Napolenguin's timeline.

He was willing to hurt us over a hat - I hate to think what he did to take over Polaris.

Now we know he's already had his coup in his home world, which means if we go to Polaris in Pirate101, we're looking at an 1800 or after timeline. Now Napoleon did go on a hundred-day campaign to try to take back France, but was ultimately unsuccessful.

This means that Napoleon already completed his coup in Polaris by the time our Pirate reaches Cool Ranch, and we know that our Wizard cannot yet be done with Mooshu by the time our Pirate reaches Mooshu, meaning that if we visit Polaris in Wizard101, it will be AFTER the time of Napoleon's coup, at least to make sense historically. That makes sense given that the battle with Nelson at Trafalgar happened after we rescued the penguin.

Wizard101 Polaris / Napolenguin

What country is Polaris based off of?

Napoleon is from France, but the architecture is Russian, so which is it? The answer is both. While some claim that it's only Russia and Napolenguin will attempt to invade, Napolenguin was actually brought up in Polaris, where he rose to power, similar to how Napoleon did so in France.

Since we can safely conclude that his coup has already occurred, and Napolenguin has already been freed from jail by our pirate, it may be that our wizard is assisting or resisting his campaign to take Polaris back. This rules out the third of our three possibilities.

Wizard101 Polaris / Napolenguin

What role will our wizards play?

While it makes the most sense based on the current story that our wizards assist Napolenguin in attempting to rise back to power, it's most likely after his coup, though not unrealistic to believe that his second attempt would be successful given that the game has changed history in the past.

It is also not unreasonable to believe that we may experience a more Russian side of the Polaris either as a substitute to the French stories or as an addition. Napoleon's quest to invade Russia could be used to bypass the fact that Napolenguin will have already had his coup in Polaris. It is also interesting to note that one of Napolenguin's cellmates in Fort Elena was Nicholas (a polar bear), and Nicholas II was a Russian Tsar.

Wizard101 Polaris / Napolenguin

Is Pirate101 getting Polaris?

The question is not "if" but "when." Blind Mew said those words himself in a post on the official forums, and it certainly makes sense, especially when you consider how interconnected Polaris is with so many other worlds of the Spiral. In fact, we mentioned that Napoleon had interactions with Valence, Spain, and Britain, and the three worlds based on these locations are the three Napolenguin attacked after his rise to power.

What we'll see in Pirate101's Polaris will, almost without question, be somewhere far beyond the Penguin Revolution and any of those happenings.

If you haven't seen the puppet show from Pirate101 for Polaris, definitely take the time to give it a look:

Exactly what should we expect in Polaris? Only time will tell.

What are you hoping to see?

Thanks for reading and see you in the Spiral!

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