KingsIsle's First Livestream Recap!

Community Managers Leala and Tom, also known as Professor Greyrose and Professor Dworgyn, hosted the first ever KingsIsle Livestream to celebrate Wizard101's birthday. Here's what they covered!

Wizard101's Sixth Birthday!

Celebrate Wizard101's sixth birthday with six new prize codes for free items! Everything from a Medeival Castle Block pack to mega snacks is included. You can check out all of these codes and claim yours before the end of September HERE

As part of the celebration, the Wizard101 Community Managers are doing the first ever KI Live steaming event. They hinted that it wouldn't be the only one! You can watch the full video above. 

The Arcane Builder's Bundle and #AskKI

Wizard101's most innovative bundle yet allows players to create their own houses from a variety of castle pieces designed to do almost anything. Leala showed us some live building on her Arcane Castle - the Midday Estate, designed by our own Paige Moonshade - with additions from her castle pack and tips for building your castle.

They also did something that I thought was really cool - they decided to take questions about the Arcane Builders Bundle or in general using the hashtag #AskKI on Twitter. Many great player questions were asked and answered (without giving future updates away), and each person whose question was used received an Arcane Builder's Bundle! Congratulations to the winners!

Player Castle Feature

Earlier today, Wizard101 asked its players to send in photos of their castle creations using the Arcane Builder's Bundle. There were many awesome creations featured, including some from Liam, Paige Moonshade, and others! If you missed those (or your stream cut out), be sure to check them out.

Below is one of Paige's creations - a football stadium. Piggles vs. Wraiths, anyone?


If you're reading this at the time of posting, you may be just in time to snag the last of the code "FirstKILive," which will give you one random teleport tapestry. There are 2000 uses before it's gone, and about 400 remained at the end of the show.

KingsIsle also dropped a hint or two, saying that "...we might have a few other surprises here and there. October's gonna be cool." Stay tuned!

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