Top Ten Pirate101 Grizzly Beast Pack Items

Pirate101 Best Grizzly Beast Gear / Items - Intro

New content with different types of drops can be confusing and overwhelming - particularly with a pack of these proportions. Not only did they through out the traditional epic mount reward along with any hats, outfits, or boots, but they inserted a number of interested items we have yet to see. To clear your confusion and spotlight a few items, here are the top ten you should be keeping an eye on.

#10 - Rare and Interactive Pet Furniture

Type: Furniture // Rarity: Uncommon, Rare, and Ultra Rare

The focus of this pack is beasts and pets. You're going to have a lot of pets, too, by the time you're done and in general, so some of the items from the pack should interest you. They include things like the Aquarium. Morphing Statue, Pet Ball Thrower, and so on.

Pirate101 Best Grizzly Beast Pack Gear / Items - Rare Furniture

These aren't copied or re-textured from somewhere else, they're entirely original, and some of the furniture is very cool. While you have your Squeaky Toy Piggle and Chew Toy that are interactive as well, these pieces are a few of the rarer ones that make a great pet area in any house.

#9 - Bestia World Pavilions

Type: Furniture // Rarity: Rare
Pirate101 Best Grizzly Beast Pack Gear / Items - Bestia Pavilion
These are exact copies on what you see in Bestia - and they're huge! These pavilion tents allow you to recreate the pet arena, or simply a unique home for all of those pets. There are four available to win from the pack, including the Grizzleheim, Marleybone, Skull Island, and Mooshu Pavilions.

While their rarity is technically only Rare (Common -> Uncommon -> Rare -> Ultra Rare -> Epic), they can actually be quite hard to obtain, but are well worth the effort if you manage to grab one.

#8 - Common Pets - Hoggle, Ram-A-Lam, Hawk

Pirate101 Best Grizzly Beast Gear / Items - Hoggle Pet
Type: Pet // Rarity: Common and Rare

The Hoggle is a common pet in the pack, and while the Ram-A-Lam and Hawk are actually considered Rare pets, they seem to be showing up a lot more frequently than the others.

These are worth investigating! I know already that the Hoggle has Poisonous 2, and the Ram-A-Lam has Grants Elusive! That could offer you another rank if you have it already or the first rank if you don't. Should you be fortunate enough to obtain one of these pets, submit the talents to Petnome Pirates!

#7 - Haar of the Baar and Facepaint

Pirate101 Best Grizzly Beast Gear / Items - Haar of the Baar
Type: Gear // Rarity: Rare

These items are what the bear companions from this pack are wearing! You can now have your face painted the same way as one of the bears, or win the Haar of the Baar, a hairstyle (hat slot) that looks just like that of the Beastmaster himself!

This comes with the first ever hairstyles in the Crown Shop, and will surely not be the last. All of these items are rare.

#6 - Energy Accessories

Type: Gear // Rarity: Uncommon and Rare

There are energy eyepatches, totems, charms, and rings. For each one, there's a +3 energy piece, a +4 energy piece, and a +5 energy piece, for a total of 12 energy items, and scaling up in rarity as they give more energy.

Pirate101 Best Grizzly Beast Pack Gear / Items - Energy Accessories

These will allow you to train pets even faster, and should energy be utilized for an activity in the future, and it likely will, these can give you up to 20 extra.

#5 - Pet Doubloons

Pirate101 Best Grizzly Beast Gear / Items - Egg Timer DoubloonType: Doubloon // Rarity: Uncommon

These are only uncommon rarity, so you should see them every now and then without an issue. However, they will summon powerful pets to assist you in the battle, and all of these pets are confirmed to also be available in the pack, besides the panther, which is a summon from one of the companions.

There's also a doubloon to turn all enemy pets into eggs and another to summon all of your team's pets. Pet doubloons include Echo (summon Fawn-Fawn), Shrawk (summon Hawk), Ruhr (summon Panther), Hecka (summon Heck Kitty), Mr. Pointy (summon Hedgehog), Tocktavian (summon Clockwork Spider), Tanngrisnir (summon Ram-A-Lam), Egg Timer (revert enemy pets to eggs), and Beastmaster's Mark (summon all ally pets).

#4 - Rare Pets - Clockwork Spider, Hedgehog, FawnFawn, Heck Kitty

Pirate101 Best Grizzly Beast Pack Gear / Items - Hedgehog PetType: Pet // Rarity: Rare

These rare pets have long been speculated about in the Pet Arena. The Clockwork Spider, Hedgehog, FawnFawn, and Heck Kitty can all be seen in Bestia in one spot or another, and their origin is finally revealed. While only being rare, they're actually quite tough to happen upon, and this is reflected in the fact that you'll see their summon doubloons less than others.

#3 - Beastmaster Battle Standard

Pirate101 Best Grizzly Beast Pack Gear / Items - Beastmaster BannerType: Gear // Rarity: Ultra-Rare

This new battle standard is the first available outside of bundles, and afters all nearby pets, giving them extra damage in ally territory, or extra damage and extra critical chance in enemy territory. This epic totem is a necessity for any collector of banners and, while Ultra Rare, has been received by a surprising amount of people.

#2 - Class Battle-Trained Beastmaster Companions

Type: Companion // Rarity: Epic

Imagining your pirate without one of these epic, Grizzleheim-themed companions is almost... un-bear-able. These guys all take on new epic abilities from pets, and summon a pet at random, as well as having many epic choices. Each one starts with an interesting talent not previously available on companions. It starts with the first rank of this talent and is upgraded to the second upon promotion.

Pirate101 Best Grizzly Beast Pack Gear / Items - Bear Companion (Buccaneer)
Laarn: The Privateer has Feeding Frenzy 2 and summons a Hedgehog. Feeding Frenzy heals him for 1300-1500 after defeating an enemy.

Ghor: The Musketeer has Eagle Eyes 2 and summons a Clockwork Spider. Eagle Eyes gives two additional range to all units around the bear.

Khord: The Witchdoctor has Bloodsucker 2 and summons a Heck Kitty. Bloosucker heals him for 50% of all damage dealt to enemies.

Atohr: The Buccaneer has Merciless 2 and summons a Ram-A-Lam. Merciless allows for extra attacks on nearby enemies close to death.

Yohr: The Swashbuckler has Sneaky Sneaky 2 and summons a FawnFawn. Sneaky Sneaky gives him a chance to hide at the end of each round.

#1 - Baar the Beastmaster Companion

Pirate101 Best Grizzly Beast Pack Gear / Items - Bear Companion (Baar - Buccaneer)
Type: Companion // Rarity: Epic

This additional Buccaneer companion comes packed with powers and is THE Beastmaster. He's the ultimate prize in the pack, and can train more epics than any of the other bears, and is really quite something. This guy is the picture on the pack and the one who can summon the Panther pet (via power rather than randomly).

If you're lucky enough to score him, there's no doubt you'll appreciate his power and pet summons... oh, and that wonderful hair, too.


This is a truly fantastic pack, and I highly recommend you give it a try or two. Unlike Wizard101 packs, you are almost always getting something new and something you want from this one.

What do you think of the new pack? Will you be purchasing any? Thanks for reading and see you in the Spiral! Credits: Thanks to Paige Moonshade for showing me her pavilion, and Johnny for showing me his companion, and sending over a card image.


  1. You listed the 5 class companions, Laarn, Ghor, Khord, Atohr, and Yohr, then you said Baar, who is also a Buccaneer, does this mean their are 6 companions total in the Grizzly Beast Pack?

    1. Yes. The five class companions are Battle-Trained Beastmasters, while Baar is THE Beastmaster, meaning there are a total of six companions in the pack.

    2. Thanks for clearing that up i just didn't think that their was two Buccaneers.

  2. the beastmaster totem also boosts companions who are beasts like el tiberon, sky snake, madclaw etc. which are available for purchase once you have beaten them in game.

  3. I gave my Beastmasters plenty of tough but they die fast anyway. What can I do?

    1. The best thing you can do to boost your Beastmasters defensively is indeed Tough. There's Armor and such, but I don't recommend those.

      Companions dying is a problem we all face, but these bears seem to do plenty of damage at the cost of defense. They're... fragile. My recommendation is to change up your gear. Find some class drops that give Valor's Armor or Fortress, and plan on using your bear as a sort of meat shield by using your protective power on him and sending him in to do big damage.

      Best of luck!

  4. Gonna cry my self to sleep, spent 30,000 crowns and no Beastmaster


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