Pirate101: Adventures in Pet Hatching

Pirate101's hatching system is a little bit more complex than Wizard's. Not only is it not as populated with pet trainers and collectors, but it's also got one or two more mysteries. I've had some interesting experiences lately, and seen several fascinating pets!

What Sets Pirate Apart

Unlike in Wizard, you don't schedule hatches in Pirate. Well, maybe you do, but since your timer is only ten minutes instead of 24 hours, your limit for hatching is really gold. So you can do fifteen hatches or so and then run the Tower of Moo Manchu and do fifteen more hatches all in one night. 

Does this undermine the whole system? Not at all. People are more dedicate to pets and it's almost essential given that hybrids aren't made from specific types of pets, or pets obtained by certain classes at certain levels. Instead, they could be a mix of anything. Hybrids could, in theory, create other hybrids. In fact, two parents may actually produce two different hybrids, so you might not be finished when you discover a combination, as was the case with the Habenero Tiger Shark.

The short timers, however, do even more. It means that each hatch isn't so essential. If you log into Wizard to hatch, it's because you planned on it, and you know you'll have to turn anyone else down because you only have one slot for each day. In Pirate, a LOT of courtesy hatches happen.

You don't necessarily need something good to get a good pet or good stats from someone else. Everyone has so much gold, particularly with this new tower, and such short timers that they don't mind hatching with total strangers just for the sake of the person without a great pet.

Building the "Perfect" Pet

"Perfect" is always subjective, but there's often some clear-cut set of ten or twenty talents that would make the list. Not so in this case. Everyone defines it a little bit differently - no - a lot differently. One person, like myself, might be focused on powers and talents that grant things to the pirate. Someone else might be concentrated on creating a killing machine out of their pet itself. Some people want pets for their looks, others care more about stats. So it's a constant juggling match of who wants what, and who do I even want? 

I've decided that my perfect pet is this: Grants Rally, Grants Regroup, Grants Jobu's Kiss, Grants Tough 2, Grants Turn the Tide, and Charming Gaze 2. Of course, there are so many great "grants" talents that I'd honestly settle for something a little different.

New Hybrids and High Pedigrees

With this update, we not only got a new pack with a bunch of pets, we also discovered two new dropped pets, and found a couple more hybrids on top of that. Not to mention the corrupted pets dropped from the Nefarious Tower. The new pets are as follows:

Habanero Tiger Shark, Clocktopus, Scylla Spawn, Fire Toad, Ram-a-Lam, Heck Kitty, Hawk, Hoggle, Clockwork Spider, Hedgehog, Faun-Fawn, Pork-U-Pine, Corrupted Imperial Lion, and Corrupted Celestial Dragon

I've been busy hatching - running the tower to get full gold, then returning for hatches. I've been fortunate enough to obtain all but the corrupted pets on the list, and have also hatched out my pets to countless others, figuring that they'll continue to make their way throughout the community.

Pet Hatchers Unite!

I've since been looking for high-pedigree pets, and have run into many people with pets that have a pedigree over 600! The highest I've gotten so far is about 532, though I imagine if I hatch several of my pets with higher pedigrees together, I could get something even higher.

More than pedigree, however, I'm interested in the talents. I've been hatching with all kinds of "grants" talents, plus Charming Gaze 2 and 3. You can see some of the pets I've been hatching with in this post.

Since then, I've had about twenty pets I'm juggling between three characters for hatching and training. None have really gotten very far yet, but with these high-pedigree pets, I think I'll have all the resources at least in talent pools to self-hatch for the perfect pet!

Have you had any luck in the world of pet hatching? Let me know by commenting! Thanks for reading and see you in the Spiral!


  1. While I am still a fairly new pirate I jumped on board shortly after the advanced pet system was introduced (in fact it was the leading cause why I finally joined). I have many pets, including a hand full of high pedigrees (my high is currently 630) and I don't mind hatching at all. I love that we have a short wait time and hatching only costs gold, which now days is pretty easy to come by. I have been focusing more on pedigree and discovering new hybrids rather than working on my ideal pet. (because let's face it there are so many amazing choices for pets). Would you rather have a pet that grants you cards? grants abilities? Has it's own abilities and joins in fights like a powerful NPC? Or even started collecting talents for the arena? Like you title says it's an adventure and we are just getting started. If anyone is looking for anything let me know. I have a lot of pets available, and if I don't have what you are looking for I bet I know a few folks that do. ~Clumsy Calamity

  2. I have like 14 pets and i just love how fun it is to morph them I have a ram-a-lam that gives me jobus kiss

    Sneaky Wolf


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