Full Look at Pirate101's Empire Bundle: Battle Standards, House Tour, and More

Pirate101 Empire Bundle Card New 2013

Yet another new bundle has arrived at GameStop - and this one with entirely new things as well. It has the first available Battle Standard, plus a Lady Centaur Companion, Imperial Galleon, and Emperor's Villa! Pirate101's new Empire Bundle is sure to be a hit.

Pirate101's Gear vs. Wizard101's

Wizard101's bundle gear has never been a selling point. But Pirate101's is great. The stats are actually fairly impressive, and the cards aren't bad, either. They include the epic talent Flanking, heals starting at Rouse at the lowest level and ending with Revive at the top level, and Walk in Shadows. They are missing the strength attribute, though, so affected classes may not find this gear as useful.

Pirate101 Empire Bundle Card New 2013 Centaur Companion

A New PvP Companion?

The Lady Centaur companion, named Nausica, is pretty impressive. She's a ranged unit, but with a few tricks up her sleeve. She starts out with two card and an epic - the cards are Centaur's Charge and Point Blank Shot and the epic is Quick Adjust. Upon redeeming her, you'll choose 16 talents and 3 epics. She has up to Burst Fire 2 available, and True Grit 3 available. I think I'm planning on Burst 2, True Grit 2, and Double Tap.

In battle, she performs pretty well. With Bonnie and Quick Draw, she can nearly take her out in one good round. Plus all of the cards!

Nausica's Card and the Battle Standard

Nausica has some interesting cards that I've shown below. The difference in the Point Blank shots is that one is a Super critical, the another is a Mega, and the last is an Epic. The Battle Standard, worn as a token, has an interesting card, also shown. I am currently doing some tests regarding this standard, and will let you know the results in the next week or so.

Pirate101 Empire Bundle Card New 2013 Centaur Companion and Battle Standard

The Emperor's Villa

The house, while not as impressive on its own, goes well with the bundle, and certainly fits the theme. To give you a good idea of how it looks, here's a video guide. The video, at the end, will also include all of the ship tiers, the redeeming of the companion and Battle Standard, and the gear appearance and stats. There is no pet or mount for this bundle. (Video is available in HD)

Stay tuned for more information on Battle Standards in the next week. What do you think? Will you be buying this bundle? Can you decide between it and the Hive Bundle? Let me know!

Thanks for reading and see you in the Spiral! Credits: Thanks so much to SorceressMiklai for letting us all get a look at her house after mine decided to unexpectedly disappear!


  1. i have to have the wizard101 is really cool to but this one look cooler and also the house is super cool to i hope one day they make a gh home for pirate101

  2. I want both bundles and this one mainly, the house seems cozy to me because it is small.

  3. Hey Sword, can I post your video on one of my blog posts giving full credit to you and posting a link to this post of your blog? Thank you by the way.

    1. Yes you may, thanks for asking. :)

    2. I've played both games, and I find it hard to decorate such massive houses. I find this house quite nice size wise. I'm planning on getting this if I get the chance. The companion is pretty cool too.

  4. I want the companion!

  5. I wish it came with a mount or a weapon that varries with class

  6. now i just feel dumb i just got a one year membership in w101 i should of got this for my pirate101 account

  7. you guys should make a bundle were it gives you a companion that you can ride on


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