Pirate101 Content Hints Spur Imagination

Pirate101 has had its players drooling over some new and upcoming content. They released a first spoiler in the update notes, and now another is out. Speculations have ranged from Player vs. Player to annual events. Here's what the community is saying.

Everyone's Gone Barmy!

The first image released in the November Newsletter depicts an old man. His eyes are wild and he carries a book. Bonnie makes a comment implying that he's not quite... mentally stable.

  • Bonnie Anne is unpromoted, likely making this a Free-to-Play quest
  • This appears to be a cave interior with a Skull Island (world) theme
  • It would appear that this is actually on the Skull Island (location) itself

A Grand Occasion?

Today, Pirate101 released a new image on their social media networks depicting a dock and eagle holding a coliseum in the background.


  • The area is certainly Aquila-themed
  • The boat seems to lead to the eagle in the distance
  • The eagle's massive size could mean he's a classic character such as Atlas (As Sheldon Cooper suggests)

Community Thoughts

Kelsey Fireheart immediately thought Ship PvP. Paige Moonshade chimed in on Facebook with her comment: "Please be ship to ship and not ranked PvP" - Agreed! Emphasis on the NOT Ranked PvP! And actually, such as idea isn't completely crazy, either.

"The Romans would flood the Coliseum, build battleships in it, and then fight naval battles!"

However, others had different theories - annual Immortal Games? With the Coliseum, we'll very likely do something like a set of games, but my guess is that it's for a different purpose. I'm thinking it's our Thanksgiving quest line! Bird, right? It's just too bad that it isn't a massive turkey... that'd be one fine Thanksgiving dinner!

The first hint (Ancient Pilgrim? Roanoke colonist? Just a crazy guy in a cave?) just doesn't seem to compliment the idea of a new system - it seems to be a quest. And without Bonnie promoted, it would make sense that it's a holiday promotion for everyone.

What do you think? What is coming to Pirate101? Thanks for reading and see you in the Spiral.


  1. One thing I noticed about the first picture, is that it looks quite a bit like Avery, just gone crazy. However, the face doesn't seem too realistic, so it maybe it's a mask, or one of the Toymaker's "Toys"? Just because it's in Skull Island, and Bonnie isn't promoted, it doesn't mean that it can't be a pre-quest for entrance to the next main world, as KI can be pretty tricky.

    As for the second picture, I agree with your points. And it definitely looks like a collosseum to me. It could be Ranked PvP, or Ship PvP, or some kind of tournament. I'm personally hoping for an improved version of PvP, where you can set up matches like with W101 Practice PvP, and also have PvP matches with different goals; like capture the flag, things like that, and have various arenas. Or maybe it could be a mix of all of the above. I just know that I can't wait for whatever it is!

    1. Actually, since Bonnie isnt promoted, its very unlikely that the man would be a part of the storyline of Book 13+. Especially since it looks like Skull Island.

  2. This might be off topic, but may you tell me where you got the cover picture from. It looks amazing.

    But back on topic...

    I think the old guy might have something to do with an upcoming book. The Armada was looking (or perhaps still looking) for who knows what from the Azteca temples. The old guy might be referring to the Aztecosaurs when he means Ancient Ones. Maybe we will get into Valencia by giving the Armada something they want without knowing the consequences, and the old guy could be our key.

    The Coliseum looks like it might be some sort of side area with dungeons meant for farming. I'd like to have our own version of the Immortal Games here in Pirate101. Ship PvP doesn't sound bad, and I'd much prefer it over Ranked PvP. It never has appealed to me. The place doesn't look like a PvP place though. Maybe it does, but I would think it to be less Aquila themed and more Pirate themed. I'm hoping for side dungeon(s) all the way.

    But PLEASE tell me where you got that cover picture. It is so beautiful.

    1. Off-topic: The cover picture is my edited version of the photo from KI's beautiful new website design here: http://kingsisle.com/

      On-topic: The Aztecosaurs ARE often referred to as the Ancient Ones. I agree that an Aquila-themed arena would be strange for PvP - that's a good point. I'm still going with Thanksgiving quest, but that certainly doesn't mean that a dungeon can't be thrown in that mix.

  3. Ah never mind, I found it!

  4. No ship PvP, that wouldn't really make sense because the Romans hated the sea, they only took it to get across the Mediterranean but they weren't so happy about it because they believe the Neptune (Roman equivalent of Poseidon) is also the god of bad luck (along with sea) because the Romans always lost at sea.

    One question though: Where is Jonah Town?

    1. What do you mean, where is Jonah Town?

    2. Call me crazy, but the second picture looks a lot like a new area was added to the left bastion in Avery's Court, on top of Ol' Fish Eye's place. The scenery doesn't really evoke Aquila at all. Only you can't see Jonah Town in the distance, hence, "where is Jonah Town."

      I only say this because I was having similar thoughts when I saw the picture.

    3. Oh, I see. Yes, that's the Musketeer's Roost, explaining why you don't see Jonah Town.

    4. Looking on the live realm, Jonah Town still isn't visible. Rapa Nui (I think that is the name) is instead visible.

  5. The "Aquilan" takes place opposite of the Musketeers' roost. As for Aquila itself it is more Greek then Roman and DragonSpyre is more Roman then Greek. So therefore the picture can clearly be an Arena for ship PvP. As for Neptune, he wasn't the God of Badluck, they had minor gods for that.

  6. Well KingsIsle could've thrown in that bonnie wasn't unpromoted on purpose, or maybe that old man had a side quest for lower levels - Fiery Luke Silver - Buccaneer lvl 65


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