Guides Update and Other Changes

I've been hard at work again on Swordroll's Blog behind the scenes, this time with one of the largest updates yet involving the guides page. I've slipped in a couple of these over the past few weeks, so this is a full list. Here's a look at what's new and what's to come!

Note: Concept101 will be posted tomorrow rather than today due to these updates. The following changes have been made on Swordroll's Blog:

Guides Section

  • Guides are now be sorted by game
  • All Zeke guides are now on a separate page
  • The design of the old page and new pages have been formatted to match the rest
  • You may no longer leave comments on this page and previous comments have been hidden
  • The guides homepage now includes links to additional resources and contains no content for quick loading
  • Buttons will now allow you to nagivate within the Guides section

Compact, 3-in-1 Pirate101 Zeke Guides Arrive

  • Skull Island through MooShu quests have been added, with MB and AQ in the works
  • Each guide includes a photo of the object, the title/location, and description
  • Pirate101 Zeke guides include a docking location
  • Mousing over any object image will show a map
  • Because Pirate101 maps do not always provide adequate context, you may click on any image for a full, rendered map
  • Items are groups by skyway - photos with the same color outline are located in the same skyway
  • Items have been generally ordered based on when you gain access to them in the story, though this will vary

Layout and Blog Content

  • Now only seven posts will appear on the main page, though the archive and option to view older posts are always there
  • Some sites have been added and others removed from the blog list
  • Some items have been moved to the sidebar, among them is part of the attribution - the white space at the bottom is now gone (save for maybe Internet Explorer, which no one should be using anyway)
  • The "Links to this Post" widget will no longer be used

Graphics, Etc.

  • The characters up top have been changed - old characters have had their lighting corrected, my Death wizard's new outfit is now shown, and my beta Buccaneer has swapped spots with my Musketeer, who is now updated to show his most recent outfit
  • The background has been reverted back to the original for now
  • "KI Free Games" on the entertainment page has been changed to FreeKI Games
  • A section has been added on the Entertainment page for Spiral Creations, a group that produces full-length Wizard101 films and movies
  • Additional space has been added on the Tools page at the bottom so that the share options are not so close to the text
  • My Blogger profile and the "About Me" section has been updated

Additional Notes

I'm really excited about this update for a few reasons. First, it marks the end of my page edits for the sake of consistency. I now have all of my pages updated and can comfortably make small changes over time, with the focus on the real content of the site - the blog (though the pages definitely have many unique things to offer).

Additionally, now that page updates are completed, I can proceed to begin perusing some of my new page ideas. Currently, I'm developing one that has had variations of it done, but mine will involved a few completely new aspects, and I may be collaborating with a few other site owners. What is it I'm working on? When will it be ready? How cryptic can I get? Could I possibly ask any more rhetorical questions?

I'm curious what you think of the update - let me know by commenting. As always, thanks for reading and see you in the Spiral!

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