Spell Spotlight: Spiritual Attunement

Wizard101 has released their newest pack: the Pandamonium Hoard Pack! With this new pack comes three wands, each with a may cast ability that might cast a new "bubble" or global spell. One casts "Balance of Power," a Balance spell which creates a global that gives +25% Balance damage. Another casts Elemental Surge, which is a three-school global that gives +30% Storm, Fire, and Ice damage. The final wand - and the one featured here - casts Spiritual Attunement. Let's take a look!

Panda Pack Wands

The wands in the Pandamonium Hoard Pack are traditional Jian weapons that are double-edged swords. They use the same animation as other MooShu swords, teleporting the player to the center of the battle to spin around and do an attack animation. They are one-handed swords. 

These drops are Ultra-Rare in the pack. At level 130, they offer one square socket. The two three-school wands offer an impressive 20% universal damage (with the Balance wand offering 22% Balance damage). The three-school wands offer two wand hits from each of their associated schools, all of which have a chance to trigger the may cast. The Balance wand offers six Balance wand hits. 

Spiritual Attunement

The Ebony Pandamonium Jian is the spiritual wand which offers the chance to cast Spiritual Attunement. It puts a global spell into play that gives a 30% damage bonus to Life, Death, and Myth. This is potentially interesting, as Life and Death have "bubble" spells early on that deal with healing and not damage. That said, because they're for three schools, there is a higher chance that you'll also be giving an opponent a damage boost. This may actually mean that you want to avoid using these wands, especially if they aren't directly benefiting you and your school. Or at least avoid casting the wand hits.

Testing the Wand

I decided to give the Ebony Pandamonium Jian a try in MooShu. Here's a video of the new global spell in action! It looks like other global spells, but is split into three sections.

What do you think of the new wands?

Thanks for reading and see you in the Spiral!

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