September 2017 Guest Post Lineup

Once a year here on the blog, I feature five guest posts. Not only do these gems provide readers with something a little bit different, but they also tend to take people who are not bloggers or who have unique talents and experiences and see what happens when they enter the blogosphere. This year, there's another exciting lineup. Here's what you can expect.

This is now the third annual September Guest Post series. But first of all, you can catch past guest post lineups here:

September 2015 Guest Post Series

September 2016 Guest Post Series

Five new individuals will be joining these ten this year. Take a look at 2017's exciting lineup!

Duncan Stormblade

Each year has led off with the winner of a guest post contest, and this will be the final winner's post from that contest (with a new contest arriving soon). Duncan covers what he feels is the most significant addition to Wizard101.

Fallon Fireblade

An expert in housing and glitching, Fallon details her adventures in achieving the perfect look and how Wizard101's variety of decorating abilities and housing features has kept her interested in the game over the course of so many years.


If you ever look at any fan art, you've probably heard of GrimToothReaper, but Erin's post will take you much further in-depth and give you a look at styles and work you might not have seen before. Plus, you'll learn a little bit about Grim's journey through the worlds of Wizard101 and now Pirate101.


When housing tricks and decorations meet gardening, some amazing things can happen. James shares a great crossover between some of Wizard's most popular activities, drawing on his extensive knowledge of housing and housing items.

Tony Gaddis

A Senior Animator at KingsIsle, Tony Gaddis has worked on Wizard101, Pirate101, and several of KingsIsle's mobile games, including Grub Guardian, Rise & Destroy, and EverClicker. Tony is no stranger to blogging, and he'll be providing insights into his work in a guest post.

You can expect these posts to appear as we continue through September!

Thanks for reading and see you in the Spiral!

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