Bundles in Wizard101

Duncan Stormblade is the third place winner of the first blog post writing contest at Swordroll's Blog. His post is the final one to make the cut and becomes one of few guest posts. Participants were asked what the most important or game-changing update to the game was, for better or worse. Duncan shared his opinion on a less conventional and not-so-regularly-scheduled updated, bundles.

In my opinion, the bundles of Wizard101 greatly improved the game. They were released very early on, and are still present after many years. Although not directly related to the storyline (or, for that matter, side) quests, the many bundles contain fantastic armor and wands, along with either a whole month of Wizard101 membership, or a heap of five thousand crowns. The houses provided are gargantuan and contain many surprises. More recent bundles such as the Aztecan Builder’s or Mystic Fishing are filled with pleasant features like the school-related symbol housing items and the First Mate Otter pet that gives fishing talents. 

Players were appropriately pleased with the bundles' impressive offerings, and many have taken the opportunity to pay the money for any of these numerous bundles. The pets in the bundles have some the highest pedigrees and offer the greatest talents to their wizards, such as high resistance and "may cast" spells. They are highly desired by many Wizard101 players. The mounts that come with these other gifts are large and stunning, such as the Malorian Dragon mount in the Majestic Bundle. 

The houses, as said before, are monstrously large and appealing to any player, and contain things such as gift-giving NPCs or even materials to create your own house in a special environment. The gear (hat, robe, boots, and wand) are very impactful on how your wizard plays the battles of the game, usually in a positive way. They always look impressive and fit well with the theme of the bundle and its other items.

An example of these many compliments to the bundle feature of Wizard101 is the Mystic Fishing Bundle. The neon yellow rain jacket robes of the Fishing Bundle are perfect (and fashionable) for the calm, riverside area that acts as the house in this bundle, the Private Fishing Retreat. The wand in this particular bundle is a unique one called the Swordfish Sword, and grants the wizard both minor attack spells and fishing luck, and is the only wand to do so. The Rainbow Trout is an exclusive fish to this retreat, and can only be caught there on the Mystic Skiff. The skiff, a two-person rowboat, features an animation of floating over the river, where the riders can catch fish, including the Rainbow Trout. The Crowns potentially given in the bundle can be used to purchase interesting items in the Crown Shop, and fill in whatever gaps or problems there might be in the bundle. The membership for a month can be crucial to many players who are not subscribed as a member in-game and can therefore not access many places past Wizard City. 

Overall, the bundles in Wizard101 are not required or mentioned in the game, but buying them funds and supports KingsIsle to keep coming out with updates and improvements (and more bundles), and provides your character with many high-quality, elegant items including Crowns and houses. They are worth their price, though it might seem high, and can be found at many locations. Keep up the good work, KingsIsle!

What's your favorite bundle?

Thanks to Duncan Stormblade for this post!

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