Wizard101 Shinobi Bundle

Wizard101 Shinobi Bundle

Wizard101's newest game card is here! The Shinobi Bundle is based on Sega's ninja-themed video game series. This GameStop card is $29 and includes the Shinobi Dojo, Dragon Mount, Turtle Pet, and gear with a throwing star weapon.

Shinobi Bundle Overview

Wizard101 Shinobi Bundle

Locations Sold: GameStop
Cost: $29
- Shinobi Dojo
- Shinobi Dragon Mount
- Shinobi Turtle Pet
- Shinobi Gear
- Shinobi Throwing Star
- One month of membership or 5,000 crowns

Shinobi Dojo

I expected that this would be the fifth gauntlet from KingsIsle, but instead they surprised us. The Shinobi Dojo is a two-purpose location. First, it offers a daily reward from the Moodha, which oftentimes consists of rare furniture items. It also allows access to a PvP ring. This is a pretty significant advancement, as you can now have an interactable PvP ring inside any house. Just to be clear, you place the Dojo and go inside for the PvP, you don't place the ring itself.

One issue that Grace noticed when she received the bundle was that people could not be sent away from within the Dojo. After testing, it was discovered that this was also true for the Private Fishing Retreat.

Wizard101 Shinobi Bundle

The Shinobi Dojo is an interesting bit for KingsIsle. Some might consider it a little undervalued given that it's not a full gauntlet, but remember that gauntlet bundles are $39, and the $29 bundles usually include an interactable housing item with a daily reward system. This one now offers that plus an arena, making it an excellent value.

Shinobi Dragon Mount

This epic new mount is the latest and greatest in Wizard101's vast collection of speedy companions. The Shinobi Dragon is a two-person mount perfect for wizards traveling across the Spiral. It has the beauty of Mooshu with the mystery and darkness of Darkmoor.

Wizard101 Shinobi Bundle

Shinobi Turtle Pet

Wizard101 Shinobi BundleWhile you can always hatch for the Shinobi Turtle pet, as with any bundle pet, you should get one either way. This Mooshu-style ninja-themed companion is a must-have for all pet collectors. It is yet unknown if this pet has any unique talents, but you'll be wanting it for its look either way. The pet can be dyed any color to match an outfit. It provides a Death Ninja Pig card. 

Shinobi Gear & Throwing Star

If ninja-themed gear is your thing, this is about as good as it gets. Like the more recent bundle gear pieces, these can be dyed any color. While the stats, as per the usual on bundle gear, aren't phenomenal, they aren't terrible either, and the robe in particular could pass in a non-attack setup. The wand may be an exception. It is built well for an offensive wand with damage, critical, and armor piercing. The may cast is an AoE, which is interesting.

One notable thing about this bundle is that its gear tiers go up to 120, which seems to suggest that Mirage is coming up very quickly with a new level cap. The level 110+ and 120+ gear tiers are shown here.

Wizard101 Shinobi Bundle
Wizard101 Shinobi Bundle

Personal Thoughts

I think my favorite parts of the bundle are the mount and probably the Dojo. Not only do I love having all of the interactable items and reward systems around, it's also great that you can PvP in practically any house now. Even if a house already has a PvP ring, you can have two battles running at once. My one wish is that the mount was for a single person. It has to be one of my favorite mounts. For two people, it's quite large.

Will you be buying the Shinobi Bundle?

Thanks for reading and see you in the Spiral! Credits: Huge thanks to Grace Bear for showing me the contents of the Shinobi Bundle that she received for having her question answered on KI Live!

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