Pirate101 Armada Dreadgnaught and Haywire Weapon Guide

There's been a lot of debate over how to get the Dreadnaught to spawn in Skull Island and a lot of confusion about what drops there. Today, I'll lay all that to rest with a guarantee of how to get the Dreadnaught to show, plus I'll show you all of the new Haywire weapons you can get as drops!

Stage One: Scouts

There was apparently a rumor floating about that one should not kill the single scout ship that would appear to scout the Skull Island Skyway area. It made sense - if the scout found no danger, he would send for the Escorts and the Dreadnaught. However, this was just a rumor. Ratbeard clarified:

The Scouts will usually come alone and do a circle around the area shown. You may need to sail around a bit to see the Scout. If there isn't one on your realm, try changing to a different realm and checking there.

Stage Two: Escorts

After the Scout ship is down, it won't be long before Escort ships appear. Usually these pop up by themselves in groups of five or so. Each time you kill one, it will respawn. This is great for farming Nautical XP or for scrip, but they generally yield no known unique drops.

Stage Three: Dreadnaught

The Escorts will eventually bring with them the Dreadnaught, a level 70 turret designed to be taken down by multiple pirates. You will most likely be unable to take down this turret solo with five other Escort ships also attacking you.

Once the turret is defeated, pirates level 50+ can dock there and enter the sigils. Anyone can teleport to the dock but the sigils will not appear for pirates under level 50. If you meet these requirements, you can enter with up to three other people to tackle the Armada enemies within. Beware, you will be outnumbered! Single players will have three companions against six enemy units, some with with as much as 5,000 health. Running solo is usually quicker, but provides less of an opportunity for drops. There is a loot chest at the end of the single battle.

Haywire Weapons

The level 70+ weapons dropped from the Dreadnaught are some of the best available for nearly every class. If you saw these in the Test Realm, you'll want to take another look, as many have changed. A lot of doors have been opened for the Musketeer Class with the weapons here, and melee classes now have some options to consider as well. The one class that probably won't be using Haywire weapons is Witchdoctor.

There are fifteen possible weapons to obtain, each with its own unique appearance and all containing a unique particle effect. There's just about every combination of weapon you could want.

Haywire Armada Blade

Haywire Armada Cannon

Haywire Armada Greatsword

Haywire Armada Halberd

Haywire Armada Pistols

Haywire Armada Rifle

Haywire Cultist Set

Haywire Enforcer Set

Haywire Heironymous Staff

Haywire Pirate Set

Haywire Pistoleer Set

Haywire Swashbuckler Set

Haywire Technomage Set

Haywire Thunder Rifle

Haywire Warmade Regalia

Will you be farming the Dreadnaught? Have you received anything good?

Thanks for reading and see you in the Spiral!

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