Wizard101 Witch Hunter's Bundle

Wizard101 Witch Hunter's Bundle Darkmoor

Wizard101's latest bundle card is showing up in GameStop stores! This Darkmoor themed Witch Hunter's Bundle has everything you need to decorate a perfectly spooky house. The Witch Hunter's Bundle includes the Darkmoor Manor house, the Midnight Rider Mount, the Vampire Squirrel Pet, Witch Hunter's gear, Witch Hunter's Arbalest, and a one-month subscription or 5,000 crowns. Let's take a closer look.

Witch Hunter's Bundle Overview

Wizard101 Witch Hunter's Bundle Darkmoor

Location Sold: GameStop officially starting May 31
Cost: $39
Contents: Darkmoor Manor, Midnight Rider Mount, Vampire Squirrel Pet, Witch Hunter's Gear, Witch Hunter's Arbalest, and one month of membership or 5,000 crowns

Darkmoor Manor House

The Darkmoor Manor is full of all sorts of twists and turns, and like any haunted house, has to have its share of secret passages. This is probably more secret areas than I've seen before, but they're not difficult to locate. The house comes with a PvP ring, a playable organ, and more. It's equipped with two fishing spots that allow you to catch a variety of haunted fish, including two new ones - the Morganthe Doodlefish and the Ghost Shark. 

Here's where things get interesting. There's a story behind the house and depending on the time of day you are visiting, there will be a different NPC in a different location telling you about different items left behind there. There is a sarcophagus that gives daily rewards, and depending on which NPC is up and what they say is left behind, that's what you'll get - it could be gear, furniture, or something else. There are several new furniture pieces included in the potential rewards, and some crowns gear and related items are also up for grabs. Here's a video tour of the house, including secret passageways:

Midnight Rider Mount

The Witch Hunter's Bundle includes the Midnight Rider Mount - it's the first (and long-awaited) car mount to come to Wizard101, but that isn't the only reason it's unique. This mount also gives a 50% speed boost, and is only the second mount of the many in the game that provides that boost. This one, unlike the other which is in a pack, ought to be slightly more common as it will be easier to obtain on a guaranteed purchase.

Wizard101 Witch Hunter's Bundle Darkmoor Car Mount Midnight Rider

Vampire Squirrel Pet

Wizard101 Witch Hunter's Bundle Darkmoor Vampire Squirrel PetWizard101 is pretty great at adding little quirks and intricacies to their bundle pets, and the Vampire Squirrel is no exception. This guy has an idle animation in which he'll disappear than hang upside down. He has some pretty cool animations. Jose from Legends of the Spiral snagged the card yesterday and trained his pet to Mega, but did not notice any new talents.

Witch Hunter's Gear and Crossbow

After taking a closer look at the Witch Hunter's gear, I say with 100% honesty that I don't think there are hardly any clothing pieces in Wizard101 that I like better than this gear. It is extremely well done.

Wizard101 Witch Hunter's Bundle Darkmoor Best Gear Level 110+

This has been part of a trend of gear appearance improvements in bundles, with the Polarian Explorer's Gear looking pretty nice, a big step up from some of the dinosaur-looking gear of some of the earlier bundles.

The crossbow, called an arbalest, is an oversized weapon perfect for all Witch Hunters. It is certainly unique and matches the outfit perfectly. Below is a video of all of the weapon and gear tiers. The level 110+ gear has been pictured for your convenience.

What do you think of the Witch Hunter's Bundle? Will you be getting Wizard101's latest card?

Thanks for reading and see you in the Spiral!

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