Pirate101 Book 15: Valencia Part 2 Test Realm Bugs, Feedback, and Suggestions

With Pirate101's latest update in the Test Realm now, there's plenty to look at lots to do. In this post, I'll provide feedback on everything from the story structure to the new PvP items. As usual, I offer these bugs and honest feedback in an effort to make this update and future ones the best they can be. The most important or pressing items are in bold.

Valencia Part 2

The main attraction is the continuation of Pirate101's epic story. Below, I've listed bugs, my feedback on certain parts, including what may potentially be some bugs, comments on unfinished elements in Valencia, a look at the length and unused buildings, and most importantly, comments on the story structure.


  • Ships are docking on top of the leftmost dock in Florenza.
  • Duomo had a rogue Royal Guard who stays up near the King and Queen, which triggers an unintended third battle when you attempt to approach them.
  • The Stormgate between Mooshu and Valencia contains another Mooshu world icon floating about.
  • King Casimir's line, "Silence, General" has a Voice Over that says "Silence, Supreme Commander" instead.
  • The King's model continues to perform its talking action during Kane's dialogue.
  • Contessa's line, "Kane knows he knows, and Cagliostro, he knows Kane knows," has a VO that says "Kane knows he knows, and Cagliostro, he knows Kane knows he knows."
  • Cagliostro's line, "I do know, however, who can tell you," has a VO that says "I do, however, know who can tell you."
  • Cagliostro's line, "You must find the inner Circle of the Resistance," does not capitalize Inner as it appears in all other cases.
  • Cagliostro's line, "Kane wants me alive, of course, as bait," has a VO that says "Kane wants me alive as bait."
  • Cagliostro's line, "So his mighty enforcer is racing here," has a VO that says "So his best troops are racing here."
  • Cagliostro's entire dialogue containing the line, "When Typhon arrives, you will destroy him," has no VO.
  • Desdemona's line, "If he should perish for my deeds" has a VO that says "If he should perish for my actions."
  • Viraggio's line, "Bring him a gift from Aquila - a statue, carved of  Aquila gray marble," has a VO that does not include "carved of."
  • Pig Mallion's line, "I fear I have entirely too many..." has a VO that says "But I fear I have entirely too many..."
  • If you exit the first battle in Villa Trigante before collecting all of the chests, you cannot get into the second battle at all.
  • Don Giovanni's line, "We will not conspire here like thieves" has no VO.
  • The quest arrow directing players to Don Giovanni after the Villa Trigante battles is wrong.
  • Don Giovanni's line, "Have no fear" has no VO.
  • The Rigatoni Caves are bugged to allow multiple people entering from different sigils to enter the same dungeon and then be unable to see the require enemies.
  • Nobartonelo's line, "Pomodore Tortellini..." has no VO.
  • Our feet seem to sink into the ground in The Clock Works.
  • The Clock Works is another dungeon which can be entered separately where people end up in the same dungeon.
  • Phule's portrait outside the machine does not fit the dialogue space.
  • Phule's dialogue is totally out of order.
  • Villa Vandalo is another instance which multiple people can enter separately and end up in the same dungeon.
  • It would seem that you can be pulled into the guard battle before completing the dialogue in Villa Vandalo, and then the guards do not seem to be repeatable.
  • Approaching and talking to NPCs that have multiple options (e.g. a shop and quest goal) show their dialogue box too large.
  • Aldo Funzio's line, "... you may tell him we shall simply extend his franchise ..." has a VO that says "... you may tell him we simply shall extend his franchise ..."
  • In The Clock Works, The Armada Officer's line, "Initiate attack! Subdue the intruders" has no VO.
  • On Bonnie Anne's line, "We don't have time for this." in The Clock Works has a VO that says," This is Napolenguin's hat all over again!"
  • Clemenza Tortellini's portrait does not match the model.
  • Clemenza Tortellini's line, "What's this? You guys are a' gonna pay for this so bad!" has a VO that continues with lines like "super bad, real bad," etc.
  • Giuseppe's line, "Take this signature to the Capo and tell him we've a deal," has a VO that says, "we want a deal."
  • Many gear pieces are labeled as requiring Heavy Armor 0 or Light Armor 0.


  • The Clockwork Angels in the Florenza Throne Room (Duomo) ought to have their initial guaranteed criticals (Assassin's Strike?) removed. They are too overwhelming.
  • Typhon should not be hyped up as an elite because it'd be odd to introduce then defeat him, but he could be a little bit tougher.
  • All of the new locations look absolutely fantastic! The additional homes make the skyway feel populated.
  • The use of companion dialogue lines throughout this Book is really fantastic.
  • It seems odd that mounts are allowed in such a confirmed space in the Hall of Justice, the main palace, and the Artisan's Craft Hall.
  • Incorporating our name into the dialogue more in the promotion quest was interesting - it makes things feel more personal.
  • The arms seem stick-like on the design of the robe called Sforza Field Jacket.
  • Is the ship parts vendor supposed to be labeled a Free Trader?
  • Did you intend to assign an origin to the cannons like the rest of the pieces?
  • Valencia Part 2's look and feel hit the nail on the head. It's distinctly different from Part 1, and yet familiar.
  • I have not yet completed the machine portion, but already have badges for both chapters. Is this intended?

Unfinished Elements

  • The item appearances that you do have look great, but as I'm sure you know, many items are missing both icons and appearances. A lot of rings are using amulet icons or even hat icons.
  • There are two finished and modeled islands in the sky which are not used at all. There are also a lot of buildings in Florenza not used that seem like major attractions. To me, you could squeeze two more chapters out of this update by simply building some interiors and a few quest lines and be charging crowns players double what you are now for the update.
  • Many of the locations in Florenza are large buildings with small interiors. Is anything else going to be added here? Additional rooms?
  • Many people have wanted a Transportalator in Valencia Part 2. Part 1 was a similar length and had one. The same is true with a Zeke quest. These are small things that could really add to the overall content value.
  • Overall, I think there are more questing and side quest opportunities in this book. You all are shooting for 30 per book, and Valencia Part 2 is not up to par.

Story Structure and Direction

  • I would love to focus in on the fact that there's a lot of potential for expansion of this book with unused locations, but that can always be changed and added to later. What cannot be fixed later is the story direction. Players overwhelmingly feel that the build-up to the final battle with Kane is not there.
  • We spent five books, now one-third of this entire arc, chasing one map piece. And then we spend one book meeting and defeating Kane and the Queen? We have a few dialogue lines explaining the Grand Design and that's it? The build-up isn't there.
  • Don't spend time thinking up new stories, continue with what was originally planned for this arc. Continue with the remaining five or so books to El Dorado.
  • Ideally, I would like to see the finale play out like so:
    • Phule's dialogue is removed and the fleet of ships is not yet preparing for departure
    • Kane unveils his Grand Design in the final dungeon
    • We battle Bishop, Kane, and the Queen
    • We defeat Bishop permanently
    • Kane and the Queen have some unforseen power or ability which we cannot beat under the current circumstances but which give us a path to victory (e.g. the Golden Heart cannot be inserted without "x" device)
    • We cause a critical system error in the machine core to slow Kane's advance
    • We realize we must escape and find device "x" to beat Kane and get his map pieces
    • We narrowly escape and Book 15 ends
    • Kane decides to launch test fleets in remote parts of the Spiral as both he and our pirate continue searching for the remaining pieces in the five books originally involved with the remainder of the arc before going to El Dorado
  • To me, this is a realistic option because all it requires are a few new dialogue lines and perhaps some sort of exit animations. This also provides purpose to our encounter - we build up the big bad guy like Blind Mew talks about, we finally realize what the Grand Design is, and we also figure out exactly how to beat Kane.
  • Blind Mew has said it would be "lame" to defeat the Armada and not go to El Dorado. I know that we will end up visiting, but I would like the Armada to continue to that point.
  • Players attempted to tell KingsIsle that they wanted MMOs and were less interested in mobile games. The results of not paying close attention were catastrophic. I really hope that they will pay attention to players with regard to a very large direction decision from players.
  • Other players feel the same way. I encourage management and the creative team to read these threads in their entirety:


There are a lot of companion happenings around the Spiral this update, most of which are hidden or were not announced. The biggest are the Captain Hande promotion and Contessa companion. I'll list bugs for and discuss them both as well as some additional companion-related items.


  • Contessa could use one or two additional epics.
  • Contessa's critical hit can only be used on enemies with very little health.
  • Some of Contessa's attack animations are not playing out. [Still an issue 5/26]

Captain Hande Promotion Questline

  • The chest that opens in both Scurvy Pete's Hideout and the final Captain Hande battle have no inside textures.
  • Captain Hande's overhead line, "Another time, Pirate! This ain't over!" and Ratbeard's line which follows do not have a VO.
  • Many gear pieces are labeled as requiring Heavy Armor 0 or Light Armor 0.
  • Bonnie Anne's line, "Maybe not - look here," is very quiet in comparison to the ones before and after.
  • Lytton's dialogue is out of order.
  • Lucky Jack Rusell's line, "Oh, I'm sure you are.. I can see where this is going," has no VO.
  • Approaching and talking to NPCs that have multiple options (e.g. a shop and quest goal) show their dialogue box too large.
  • Bob Carrington's Line, "... but you're carrying quite a few," has a VO that says "but you're carrying quite a few of them."
  • Bonnie Anne's line, "You'll never know, you monster! ATTACK!" has a VO that says "You'll never know, you monster! ATTACK! Get him!
  • The battle with the cat after Survey Pete seems to have to be repeated because the pirate is pulled before finishing the dialogue.

Others Companions and Promotions

  • Lucky Jack and the Presidio companions are promoting at 67. Is this intentional? 
  • Gracie, Marleybone companions, Catbeard, and some other companions seem to have promotions you pay gold for - is this intentional?
  • Blind Mew promised promotion quests for several of these companions. Any main story companion that everyone receives should not be getting a promotion for gold. Better no promotion at all than a goldpromotion. My main concerns are with Gracie Conrad and Catbeard.
  • Valencia Part 2 is desperately in need of some additional companions. I would like to see one more side quest companion available to all available or one new storyline companion for each class.


  • The gorilla mounts and their scrip costs in the arena are really great - one which is reachable for everyone and one which is for more experiences players, neither of which is overpriced.
  • The new pet vendor in Valencia is nice. I wish he would sell at least one pet with a new design.
  • Blast of Discord is rather powerful. Perhaps it could cause fewer attacks to take place or be disallowed in PvP.
  • It is frustrating that two classes receiving two new epics instead of an epic and a power. In particular, Musketeers get two epics which help them lose to their greatest threat in PvP: Nausica. Musketeers also seem to get all epic abilities on the new clothing items where other classes get epic powers. This needs to be reevaluated.
  • Firstmate's Boon is incredibly overpowered, for both PvE and PvP. +100% weapon power is incredible! Hidden actually only gives +1x weapon power, whereas this will double whatever percentage you end up with. Not only that, but there's no way to counter it, it doesn't go away after one hit, and it can be used an unlimited number of times over three rounds, for the whole team.
  • It does not appear that Trap Sense 2 is showing up at the trainer.
  • The new epic abilities at the Clandestine power trainer are great!
  • No new pets are sold by the PvP vendors as mentioned the update notes.
  • The PvP weapon vendor does not sell level 70+ weapons as mentioned in the update notes.

What did you think of the update?

Thanks for reading and see you in the Spiral!

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