Throwback Thursday in Wizard101

Wizard101 has been around for between seven and eight years now, and a lot has changed. Take the dueling circle, for example, that's pictured above. The proportions are different, and the transparency has changed. That's a minor difference compared to a lot of the updates done over the years. Older players will remember some of the following images in this week's #ThrowbackThursday.

#1: New Realms

All of those realms we have now? They weren't always there. In fact, even players who joined later on can probably remember KingsIsle adding one or two new realms over the years. But imagine just half a page. The famed realm Wu was there, and Ambrose, too. Today, the game would be full if these were all the realms we had.

#2: Symbols and Pets

User Interface (UI) updates are pretty common, and symbols are no exception. This picture is a throwback with more than just it's old symbols, though. It used to be, before level 48 pets, that Orthrus wasn't an in-game spell at all. There was a special pet owned by a select few that gave the card everyone wanted to see. Pets also didn't used to have stats - imagine that! Most were just for giving cards, except in the case of the Orthrus, which also provided 5% power pip chance.

#3: Cards and Merle Ambrose

Cards didn't always look like they do, though some of the art shown is more conceptual rather than anything actually used in-game, even in the early stages. In this combat tutorial, the Sunbird spell card actually has a name to its attack. But more importantly... check out that picture of Merle Ambrose!

#4: Spells

While we're on the theme of spells, take a look at Mr. Lincoln's image! This is one you may recognize from the official Wizard101 site. Most spells seem to be true to their cost with the exception of Humongfrog, which went through several iterations, one of which was a 7-pip AoE.

#5: Hairstyles

Hairstyle items are new in Wizard101, but there are some you probably haven't seen. Take this one, for example. It's not a current choice in-game, nor is it dropped as an item. Interesting. (I still can't get over the old Merle Ambrose image.)

#6: Maps

Maps are another element of the UI that haven't always looked the way they do now. The old version was very whimsical. All of the labels were built into the map rather than other UI elements placed on top. Instead of mousing over a portrait to view an NPC or creature's name, it was already on the page. Additionally, smiley faces indicated the threat level of your enemy.

#7: Friends UI

There wasn't always so much you could do with your friends! The original UI was extremely basic - you could remove/add a friend, go to their location, quick chat, secure chat (private chat also frequently referred to as whispering), or trade them. There was even a button that wasn't used at all.

#8: Pets and Crowns

The Pioneer Dragon is a unique pet no longer available to players. It was a beta gift sold by Prospector Zeke for a short time before it was permanently retired and unable to be hatched when pet mixing was released later on. It was and is fully dyeable. There's something else interesting about this image, though. Take a look at the crowns symbol! That's something you probably haven't seen before.

#9: Tutorial

Most games change their tutorial from time to time, and Wizard101 is no exception, though it's more likely that this was a test version later simplified before the live release in late 2008. Chatting in the current tutorial is covered by Merle Ambrose after your battle with Malistaire' Draconians. In the image below, it's covered by Sabrina Greenstar.

Do you have any old pictures from Wizard101?

Thanks for reading and see you in the Spiral!

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