Pirate101 Announces Book 15: Valencia Pt. 2

Pirate101 Book 15 Release Date Valencia Part 2

At lost last. Players have asked and asked for this expansion more than any other in the history of KingsIsle games, and not only did rumors foster the idea that KingsIsle was stopping production on main story Pirate content, but Pirate101 themselves stated something similar. With the same general model as Wizard101, not having a story update in three years was a huge worry for players. However, KingsIsle Live has become their saving grace.

Into Valencia Part 2

In the latest KI Live, Community Managers Tom and Leala gave us an inside look at an update they promised for Summer of 2016. Valencia Part 2 is "isn't finished yet," with the streets not quite as full as they will be, but it's making progress, and that's the important part. With the zones now ready to go, Valencia is just around the corner.

Pirate101 Book 15 Release Date Valencia Part 2

It's safe to assume that if the game story is continuing this summer, we will probably only get Book 15 and not beyond, as Valencia is not yet completed. However, KingsIsle may surprise us with two new worlds as they did in their first expansion.

A New Valencia

Valencia seems to be made up of at least three skyways surrounding the machine, and one skyway inside of it. This one is another exterior skyway, and it's a little different the Valencia we've seen so far.

Pirate101 Book 15 Release Date Valencia Part 2

We are used to the terror of the Armada, but the guess has been, based on what Blind Mew has said, that this would be a different side. Based on the preview we've gotten, that's a correct assumption. These areas are for nobility. There's less emphasis on Kane's expanding military power and more on the social hierarchy of Valencia. I talked in depth about it in THIS post.

The Queen

One hint we've constantly drooled over from Blind Mew is talk of the only unknown Valencia clockwork elite member in the puppet show - the Queen. What is her role? In all predictions of the remaining book areas, Blind Mew notes that we fail to account for some major events to take place, and that we'll be meeting the Queen very soon. My guess is that this is where the major events take place that will shape the remainder of the story.

Pirate101 Book 15 Release Date Valencia Part 2

Mapping Arc 1

Blind Mew noted that Arc 1 would be around 20 books, but there's a lot left to do in those books. He said that most books would be one world but that Book 18 was a doozy. With Book 15 finally being released, I have hope that it'll ignite Pirate101 again, and we'll see content through the rest of the book!

Are you excited for Book 15 - Valencia Part 2?

Thanks for reading and see you in the Spiral!

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