Wizard101: The Steel Golem Pet, Revisited

Wizard101 Steel Golem Pet

Players have recently gotten quite excited about the fact that KingsIsle announced that there were 100 undiscovered hybrid combinations in-game, but it seems that all these combinations are old pets make other old pets, except that it may be easier to hatch the combination than actually farm for the pet. But one undiscovered pet stands out still today and has people talking.

The Steel Golem Pet: An Introduction

This is one of the oldest-known pets in the book. Way back in 2011, I did a post called "The Unknown Pet Files" HERE, which explored several pets that had been spotted but not discovered in Wizard101. This was back when we didn't automatically know everything about new releases or pets in general.

Wizard101 Steel Golem Pet

If you look at the post, you'll notice a few interesting pets, an in fact, the Storm Bird used to be a crafted pet that was given as compensation for a lost item to someone, but later taken back. It is now available in-game, though not as a crafted pet. We have yet to see those.

The only pet we really don't know about is the Steel Golem pet. This guy was spotted in a picture released officially by Wizard101, hence the logo on the original image.

Theories on the Pet

Several players have different ideas of where the pet might come from. Some can be quickly crossed off the list of possibilities.

The Steel Golem Was Only a Beta Pet: False

Many wizards claim that this was a pet only in beta, however, that's false, and it's proven by the "Unknown Pet Files" post that I linked to above. Professor Greyrose (then Kiersten Samwell) released a list of pet conversions when Advanced Pets came to the Spiral. This was what level each pet would be changed over to when you next logged in. Some pets started out at baby, but other were automatically leveled to Teen or Adult.

Wizard101 Steel Golem Pet

The Advanced Pets update was long after Wizard101's beta phase ended, and the Steel Golem was marked to be leveled to Teen. That means that the pet must have existed in-game at the time of Advanced Pets, and was thus in-game after beta, proving this theory false.

Wizard101 Steel Golem PetThe Steel Golem Was One of the Undiscovered Hybrid Pets: False

KingsIsle Community Managers recently unveiled that over 100 hybrids combinations have not yet been discovered. However, they revealed some of these combinations and they're simply old pets that produce other old pets. That said, some of the pets that are very difficult to obtain in their first-generation form might be easier to get from hatching the combination!

So, what if one of these combos is the Steel Golem? That's proven false twice, actually. First in the fact that the list from my "Unknown Pet Files" post contains no hybrids and yet has the Steel Golem. And secondly, Senior Software Engineer Gary Scott Smith confirms it on Twitter: "...it doesn't appear to be a hybrid."  

The Steel Golem Was Only a KingsIsle Staff Pet: False

This was a very likely explanation for some time, though it would seem odd to many observers that KingsIsle would distribute a photo of the pet if they didn't make it available in-game. Gary further confirmed these suspicions when he tweeted: "If it's a staff only pet, why don't I have one?"

The Steel Golem Was Removed From the Game at Some Point: False

Wizard101 Steel Golem PetThis was even more popular than the former theory, and essentially assumed to be the truth for years until just recently when Gary gave yet another hint, confirming that the pet is, in fact, in-game now. Right now. "It is still in the game..."

Uh... What?

So that means we can say with almost 100% certainty that:

  • It wasn't removed after beta, or at all.
  • It's still in the game.
  • It's not a hybrid or a staff pet.
That means that the Steel Golem is still out there somewhere. Perhaps as a drop from Stoker in Kensington Park? Whatever the case, it's time to light up the morphing sigils and head to Marleybone to farm once more!


  1. I'll be going back to Marleybone for this pet now :-D

  2. ok I really want one now, lol, but...
    few years ago I farmed Kensington Park for weeks with a team of other mad wizards (that was our daily meeting before we log off and go to sleep ;+P

    we were hoping for the Spider Golem pet at that time (we never heard of Steel Golem)... and it was in vain, I'm not even sure we dropped the Seraph pet, lol
    we finally gave up, thinking the drop was probably removed from the game
    so I would say about farming this : never again! lol

    although... since then, Kensington Park was nerfed (April 2013) and recently, as I created a new side account, I enjoyed to do all the side quests again and came back in this dungeon...
    I actually dropped items I never saw while I was farming it few years ago, so yeah, maybe the Steel Golem was added too (and maybe the Spider Golem is back too?)

    but without a proper hint, I probably won't farm this dungeon again just because the Steel Golem MAY be there, I have so much other places to farm where there are other drops that I'm SURE to get one day if I'm stubborn enough to continue, lol

  3. UPDATE: A version of this pet will be featured on a gift card (not a bundle) available soon for Wizard101!

  4. Perhaps Old Smokey? He is a golem himself and is optional, so it wouldn't have wizards constantly beating him. He doesn't drop any other pets that we know of.


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