New Pirate101 Hybrid Pet Guide!

Pirate101 Hybrid Guide

Things have been a little quiet around Swordroll's Blog lately, and here's one of the reasons why - I've been wrapping up several months of work on a brand new guide for Pirate101 hybrids! Check it out!

Until Book 15

With the next chapter of Pirate101 to come sometime later in the future, and having been two years since the last, Pirates cling to one feature above any that keeps them thoroughly entertained: morphing. This was evidence with last weekend's Morph-O-Thon, which had over 10,000 entries! I, too, have had a lot of fun with pets. At the Morph-O-Thon, I used many characters and spent over 5,000,000 gold, receiving over 500 entries total. I've been hatching for quite awhile, and recently completed my collection of known hybrids, too. And so I present to you... the hybrid guide!

Pirate101 Hybrid Guide

Guide in the Making

This was a tough guide to make. Initially, I required help, but found that I was soon growing more ambitious in gathering the information. As far as obtaining all of these pets goes, I have the community to thank. Clumsy Calamity, Harmony Everhart, Chrissy the Blesser, Destiny Anne, and countless others who were willing to hatch.

When it came to pictures, I was determined to get everything from my own pets. I needed first to obtain every hybrid pet. Then every parent pet of those hybrids. Because I planned on using egg images, if I already had a hybrid, I needed to re-hatch it, which was easier said than done for pets like the Bullrog and Grimtooth Reaper which took 20 and 40 tries the first time. Next, I needed pet art images from the screen where you level up a pet. I was thankful that I'd kept some old level 1 versions of hybrids to bump up to ten to get the images. Others had to be re-hatched. 

Then every hybrid was rendered. Every hybrid and hybrid parent egg and pet art picture was rendered. And after several days of rough formatting and inputting data, I finalized things today with separate stylesheets for Internet Explorer and working out a few bugs. Thanks to Sheldon for some consultation on that.

Pirate101 Hybrid Guide

Something New

When considering how to set up the hybrid guide, I considered my most common problems when hatching all of those past hybrids and pets: "Did we get it?" So with this guide, I chose not only to show the combinations with text for users, but also their images, so they can see distinctions between close pets, but more importantly, close eggs! 

I included the eggs with all of the pets so that when someone is hatching, they can know instantly what pet they received based on what they were trying for. They'll also know before hatching if they can get the pet via direct hatch or not. Lock icons indicate which pets require the original combination.

What do you think of the guide?

I hope you get as much use out of this hybrid guide as I already have! Thanks for reading and see you in the Spiral.


  1. Kimberly HamiltonMay 30, 2015 at 4:34 PM

    VERY nice job on the guide.

  2. Awesome hybrids!

  3. Gosh, I just love the pets <3 =D Thanks for the guide. It helps me know which pet i'm gonna go make now.


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